Wind farms are confidence trick

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Full marks to the National Trust and English Heritage in launching legal action against a wind farm in east Northamptonshire, close to Lyveden New Bield.

The map of Northamptonshire is now pock-marked with these wretched, useless wind farms, or sites already earmarked for them. 

Do people not realise these monstrous things are not just an eyesore, causing disturbance to those who live near, but that they are in fact useless?  

They only turn out any electric power for 30 per cent of the time and not on full power for more than a fraction of that. If the wind is below a light breeze, or gets up to gale strength they do not produce anything at all. So in Sunday’s very high winds across the county they would have been shut down, just when you think they would be turning out great quantities of free electricity. 

It’s a massive confidence trick. They are only going ahead because landowners receive enormous subsidies to have them on their land and in return for these ridiculous sums of money they have to do precisely nothing. 

Each of these projects must have planning permission which is decided by the local council. Did you know that if it goes against the planners they can appeal, but that local protestors may not appeal if it goes the other way?

Are you sure you still live in a democracy?

Derek Clark MEP

UK Independence Party