Why I welcome Brookfield review

Brookfield Plantation
Brookfield Plantation
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Much controversy has surrounded the unpopular planning application to build a waste plant on the beautiful Brookfield Plantation between Gretton and Corby.

This came to a head last week when Corby Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Panel refused to investigate a decision by the planning department not to publish further information submitted by the developer.

The decision was rightly overruled by the council’s chief executive who ordered for the information to be published, but it remains a mystery how such a ludicrous decision came to be made in the first place.

After my week-long battle with the council’s overview and scrutiny panel, which has refused to investigate the matter, the statutory monitoring officer has now stepped in and commissioned an external and independent review into the events.

If the planning application is approved the Brookfield waste plant will have a hugely negative effect on people living in Corby and its surrounding villages.

It is therefore right and proper that the council follows all of the necessary procedures to allow proper democratic scrutiny of the application to take place.

I am pleased that an independent review will now go ahead, but questions do remain to be asked about why the overview and scrutiny panel was so reluctant to investigate.


Corby Council

£20m investment really is needed

At last the political parties have worked together to try to get the much-needed money to redesign Kettering General Hospital’s A&E department.

Also the urgent care units envisaged.

If only this could have happened a couple of years ago when the absurd idea of Kettering, Northampton, Luton & Dunstable, Bedford and Milton Keynes hospitals working together under the umbrella of the Healthier Together programme.

The idea then was for the possible closure of one or more A&E departments within this plan. Sense finally prevailed and the idea was ditched.

Why didn’t the people at the time who were trying to sell this ludicrous idea listen to what was being said to them at the consultation meetings?

I really do hope that the £20m investment is forthcoming so that Kettering General Hospital can work as I know it can.

At present the staff work under very difficult circumstances, always looking over their shoulders at the 95 per cent waiting time target. This has a knock-on effect with all the other wards and staff in the hospital.



Pelting the poor with rotten eggs

Edwina Currie, an ex-Tory minister, has criticised charitable food banks.

Surely even she can see that “food poverty” is a reality for millions of poor people. There is the added problem of struggling to pay increasing gas and electricity bills.

Edwina Currie was removed as a minister in an egg controversy. Now she seems to be pelting poor people with rotten eggs. Not very feminine is it?



So-called ‘perks’ – a lifeline to some

So the Rev Dr John Smith now joins the band of middle class, well-off people who want to take away the so-called “perks” of free bus travel, TV licences, and the winter fuel allowance for the elderly and divert the resources to the young.

First of all, these so called perks are only token gestures from Government.

The bus pass is the only lifeline for many elderly who are unable to run a car, they support green travel and contribute to business in coffee shops etc in town centres.

The free TV licence at 75 is hardly worth debating!

The Winter Fuel Allowance was introduced after several severe winters and again a token gesture from Government which was intended to provide some support and reassurance while they adjusted to the rising cost of energy bills.

Most of the elderly have more than contributed to the welfare system in the UK and continue to do so by paying full income tax plus local taxes.

I for one would be unhappy if these “perks” were means tested, having contributed to what I consider a justified entitlement.

Maybe if the Rev Smith feels so strongly about these perks, he should campaign for a voluntary withdrawal from the allowances, but count me out!

TOM SANDERS (age 74)


Visit the French battlefields

Each year the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Battlefield Research Section organises pilgrimages to the battle areas of the First World War.

We were formed as a charitable hobby in 1990 by ex-servicemen who have many years of practical experience in conducting visits to the First World War Battlefield areas of France and Flanders, and we support a variety of ex-service charities and institutions.

These trips are open to anyone who might be interested.

We welcome all inquiries at the address below.


32 Rhodes Street



West Yorkshire WF10 5LL

We deserve to see hospital report

During the inquest into the death of Victoria Harrison an article in the Daily Mail listed 43 errors made by Kettering General Hospital staff in their treatment and care of the young lady who was only in hospital for a routine appendix operation.

Those errors are elementary and frankly beggar belief.

Information was not recorded either correctly or at all – like the blood loss that occurred in the operation – and medication inaccurately recorded.

The patient notes were not read.

Victoria’s wound was disturbed too soon after the operation. Vital signs were not monitored properly and some were not monitored at all. Victoria was found motionless at 5.30 am the day after her operation.

There was a lack of piped oxygen on the ward and chest compressions were only performed by two people in attempts to revive her. No record was made of this or of much else in her notes or of the cardiac arrest.

Kettering General Hospital management has refused a request for a copy of the report on what measures have been taken to re-train or discipline staff after this tragedy which the coroner found could have been avoided.

That refusal cannot be allowed to put a stop to the matter. The population around here rely on Kettering General Hospital and we are entitled to know the measures taken to ensure this never happens to any of us.

Public confidence must be restored and if the hospital’s management cannot see that this is necessary and the report must be released then are they fit to be in post?

I suggest that is a question that must be considered.

I have been in Kettering General Hospital several times in recent years but my present GP has referred me to Northampton.

My former GP described Kettering General Hospital as a place in which those in charge were continually trying to pour a quart into a pint pot – in other words Kettering General Hospital is vastly overused and medical staff under too much pressure.

I call on our Government, local MPs, councillors and GPs to sort out the hospital.

It is imperative and urgent to ensure those who manage the place, whether medics, accountants or administrators, ensure a competent and safe standard of medical care for everyone who uses the hospital.

The people of this area are entitled to nothing less.



Grateful for help to raise money

The Welcome Inn would like to give a huge thanks to all the people who donated their time and money to help raise £2,685 for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Thanks to the bungee jumpers, pool team, darts team, the bands, DJs, staff and customers who made the John Peel night, organised by Steve Hajduk, and auction nights such a success.

Thanks also to Arthur Spriggs and Sons for the stage equipment for our charity day.


The Welcome Inn


In power... but not in control

Nick Clegg having brought his party to its knees due to his dishonesty regarding student tuition fees, and Eddie and his buddy Dave being two sides of the same political coin we find ourselves 15 months from now being left with the stark fact that Nigel Farage will control the political puppet strings of both the two top contenders.

Farage is the missing element that will make democracy function in the UK.

He will be the policing influence of radical policies that as always benefit the rich and punish the poor.

I do believe that neither Labour nor the Conservative Party will be able to function due to the bargaining restraints placed on them by UKIP.

Nigel Farage, whether we like it or not, is already set to become the policy maker for Britain’s future.

The Lab/Con contest has run its course, while they were all counting stats and creating self serving polls, Mr Farage has pulled the rug from under both parties and will apply restraint finally to these two farcical leaders we have had to endure and their predecessors, finally breaking down the door to free and fair policies.

I look forward to seeing the smile wiped from the smug faces of the Lab/Con duo when they realise that they are in power but they are no longer in control.