What about the detection rates?

Deputy Chief Constable Martin Jelley
Deputy Chief Constable Martin Jelley

I was fascinated by the publication of crime statistics showing a reduction of 14 per cent since April because once again the detection/sanction rates were conspicuously absent.

Deputy Chief Constable Martin Jelley must surely be aware that crime is falling nationally and that Northamptonshire Police cannot take credit for what is a national trend.

I prefer to await official statistics published by the Home Office, which have consistently shown that the falling crime in Northamptonshire is considerably less than the national average.

It is also relevant to note that HMIC state that the force has issues to address, including its appalling attempts to address failures with regard to child protection.

A fall in crime is to be welcomed, but for a police force with such an indifferent record as Northamptonshire to claim credit is ridiculous.

The Northants Telegraph should ask for detection rates when publishing crime statistics, in order to allow the public to draw its own conclusions.

After all when a crime is reported it is the solving and sanction rate that is important.


Barton Seagrave

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No success with the Green Deal

Regarding Mr Smith’s being unsuccessful with the Green Deal (Northants Telegraph, October 24).

I had my assessment on March 3, 2013, by British Gas.

Following the assessment Green Deal sent me a list of 20 names.

I contacted the 20 names with no success, several times and then contacted Green Deal and they sent me another nine names.

In which I contacted and was unsuccessful and the excuse given was no funding in place yet.

I then contacted local MP Andy Sawford and he himself contacted Greg Barker and was unsuccessful. British Gas refunded the £99 for the assessment.

I’m still contacting the providers but still unsuccessful.



We must protect parks and fields

When determining local development policy, Corby Council must give greater emphasis to the individual identities of the borough’s seven surrounding villages.

I have particular concerns regarding the council’s attitude towards in-fill development and urban expansion in Weldon.

The village of Weldon, which is famous for its stone cottages and beautiful surroundings, is affectionately known among locals as ‘Weldon-in-the-Woods’.

Sadly, however, the village is in real danger of becoming ‘Weldon-in-the-middle-of-Town’ if urgent action is not taken to protect local green spaces.

Weldon is proud to have Corby as its neighbour, but the two should remain as neighbours and not be merged into one.

The council must recognise that the parks, fields and recreation grounds in Weldon all contribute to its treasured village identity and it is vital that these areas are never surrendered for urban development.

In the coming weeks I will be launching a campaign called “Weldon in the Woods” which will call for special recognition of Weldon’s endangered village identity in the council’s Local Plan.



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Appeal for mill family memories

I am researching a long-since gone water corn mill which was in Irthlingborough Road, Wellingborough, on the banks of the River Ise and in the late 19th century was run by John Hobill, of Lutterworth, and his wife Bathsheba, nee Frost, of Dunton Bassett.

John’s parents were Joseph and Mary, nee Higgs, who ran the windmill in the Peatling Parva Road, Gilmorton.

Joseph’s parents were John Hobill and Ann, nee Letts, both of Lutterworth.

I am in touch with two descendents of John and Bathsheba, and for them and my own personal interest am compiling as much information as possible about both mills and also researching all the descendents of John and Ann.

If anyone has information, photographs, etc about these and possibly the parents of John and Ann I would be very grateful.

Please contact me by email at Tracer2665@superheromail.com or les-george@o2.co.uk, or write to 26 Pearmain Avenue, Wellingborough, NN8 4SF.



Good luck in your retirement Kit!

The Northants Telegraph will certainly not be the same without Kit Mallin’s photographs in our favourite newspaper!

Kit has been a household name in our family since we were in our teens, and it was lovely hearing him on Friday (October 25) when he became one of Bernie Keith’s “victims” on the Bouquet Call on BBC Radio Northampton!

(By the way – we loved your ‘Donkey Jacket’ joke, Kit!)

The Cutmore family of Stanwick would like to send their best wishes for a very happy retirement to Kit and his wife – and who knows, we might even bump into you on a caravan site somewhere in the world, in the future?!

Happy caravanning!


by email

Poignant words from our John

The Rev Dr John Smith’s regular column always makes one think, but I thought last week it was particularly poignant.

Many of us lead busy lives and it is very easy to forget those for who life is difficult and lonely.

Maybe if those who can each tried to help one of those people, we could all make the world a better place.

Often it is just a chat that makes all the difference.

One day we will all be that person in John’s article.



Could you give a child a family?

Have you ever thought about adopting and wanted to find out more? If so, now is a good time to take that important first step.

It is National Adoption Week from November 4 to 10 and over the next few weeks local authorities and voluntary adoption agencies across the UK will be holding special information events.

The British Association for Adoption and Fostering is asking if you have room in your life and heart to become a parent to a child or sibling group.

It may sometimes be challenging, but many adoptive parents have told us that it is the most amazing, rewarding thing they have ever done.

People from all walks of life are needed.

Visit www.nationaladoptionweek.org.uk to get details of your nearest event.


Chief Executive

British Association for Adoption and Fostering