We need injection of responsibility

Is it for parents to properly instill responsibilities into our offsrping, asks Brian Mitchell ENGNNL00420110816110922
Is it for parents to properly instill responsibilities into our offsrping, asks Brian Mitchell ENGNNL00420110816110922

Another edition of Jeremy Kyle and another 16-year-old and her boyfriend.

After 20 minutes of shouting, tears and bouncer intervention, a DNA result is produced to confirm the father of her child and a lie detector result to confirm if she had liaisons with any of his mates.

Good television, I guess, for the people taking part and me for watching this charade, but it does make me wonder where our society is heading.

I know each generation thinks it invented sex. But what has happened to our personal and moral responsibilities.

Is it for us, as parents, to properly instill these responsibilities into our offsrping? Is it the old chestnut of youth rebelling against us. Could it be that parenthood is fashionable and cool?

Cynically, could it be a planned step to a social benefits lifestyle?

Whatever the reason, ultimately support and shelter has to be found for the comfort and safety of the mother and child.

And often another child follows.

This is a huge problem for our over-stretched health and benefit services, and with the modern sex education and contraception that is readily available, surely no pregnancy can be unexpected, and we as parents and grandparents are the solution to this.

I do not feel that we should return to the shaming of single mothers and illegitimate children, but basic respect and responsibility needs to be injected into future generations for a more caring, accountable and civilised society.


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Concentrate on your own issues

I have just read the letter from Mr Pursglove expressing his “disappointment” at the lack of a decision by Corby Council on the Brookfield planning application.

Mr Pursglove then goes on to suggest that Corby Council should not “entertain” the proposal.

Sadly, these comments seem to show Mr Pursglove’s inexperience of the planning system and misunderstanding of the responsibilities of local government.

To be clear, Corby Council must follow the law and planning guidance issued by the government. They cannot simply “throw out” planning applications on a whim.

To do so would result in costly legal appeals which we, local taxpayers, would have to pay for.

When developers put in late documents, councils of all political persuasion have no choice put to follow the law.

If Mr Pursglove disagrees with the rules then perhaps he should be spending his time lobbying his Conservative colleagues in Government to change the law.

An example of a council not following procedure is Wellingborough Council.

Mr Pursglove is a Conservative councillor on Wellingborough Council.

As he well knows his Conservative-controlled council made a decision to close Glamis Hall elderly centre.

The result of this has been one Conservative councillor resigning from the party claiming “bullying” over the decision, a 10,000-signature petition against the closure and threatened legal action calling for a Judicial Review.

We do not want that to happen in Corby.

Thankfully, Corby Council is acting correctly and will hopefully refuse this application in due course but without laying the council open to large legal bills because of maladministration.

Instead of criticising OUR council for following independent legal advice and obeying the rules, perhaps Mr Pursglove should campaign to get his own house in order in Wellingborough.

I have been looking for any comment by Mr Pursglove on Glamis Hall but cannot find any.

As a voter in Corby at the next general election I would like to know if he supports the 10,000-signature petition and the will of the public or will he vote to close the facilities for elderly care?



Arrest the people who litter county

It is my belief that people in Northamptonshire that litter should not just be fined, but should be arrested.

All round Northamptonshire there are hundreds of pieces of paper dropped each day. It is unacceptable.

If more and more people litter each day, then the county is not going to look like a respectable, clean community.

If people get arrested it will make them think.

Whey do people do it? There is no reason.

So if you are one of those people, stop and think, and make a sensible decision.


Aged 11

Remembering Winston’s work

On September 3 it was the 75th anniversary of the Second World war being declared by prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.

The torch of freedom was once again extinguished throughout Europe.

The Royal British Legion ackowledges a man born for that time, our wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

He epitomised the Bulldog spirit of defiance for king and country.


Vice-chairman, Kettering branch of the Royal British Legion

Protecting our county’s villages

At the last full meeting of Corby Council I submitted a motion calling for Weldon to be given special protection against urban expansion and in-fill development.

I am delighted the motion was unanimously approved by councillors; and such was its popularity that the council even agreed to extend the protection to every single village in the borough of Corby.

With the garden cities programme on the horizon, the people I represent in Weldon and Gretton are keen to keep their villages green and pleasant and to protect them from urban swallow-up.

This council motion is the first step on the road to saving our villages and will soon be followed up with a report on how best to enshrine the rural character of the villages within the local development framework.


Weldon and Gretton Ward
Corby Council

Someone stands up for residents

It would seem that the planning laws have been relaxed to an extent where anything goes.

The developer next door to me has submitted plans to landscape the boundary between myself and himself with a shrub that will grow to be 13ft high and will run along the entire length of the boundary between us.

This would obviously take away all the natural light and leave the garden in perpetual shade. If they can’t build next to they will plant next to you!

He has also asked for permission to plant ash trees that would grow to be 30ft high.

Fortunately, Kettering Council’s case officer thought that this might be of a concern to me and took the time to pay me a visit.

He has now put in writing in the landscaping approval that no tree or shrub will be allowed to grow above the height of my boundary fence. At last, someone at the council who will act on behalf of the residents.



Get out on streets and see problems

The powers-that-be need to step out of their bubble in cloud cuckooland and walk in our streets and taste reality, because it doesn’t taste or smell too good.

There is pain and fear brought on by constant anti-social torment. Council high earners have hearing problems because the victims’ calls are ignored.



Help us let the fox into hen house

What a brave decision by the Clacton MP Douglas Carswell to join UKIP – another positive sign we are a growing political force in this country.

The momentum is with UKIP and the political earthquake we spoke about after the tremendous results in the EU elections in May is gathering pace.

Now we urge any other MPs who feel the same way as Mr Carswell to follow his lead.

Let’s shake up the cosy elite in Westminster – join us, join the People’s Army and help us let the fox loose in the Westminster hen house.


East Midlands UKIP MEPs

Faith in human nature restored

To the lady who found my purse on the number 49 bus and handed it to the driver, please accept my heartfelt thanks for your honesty. You have restored my faith in human nature.



Enjoyed learning about relatives

Very enjoyable article on The Olde Coach House at Ashby St Ledgers, as now I know where two of my cousins helped plot the Gunpowder Plot.

Robert Catesby and Francis Tresham were my fourth cousins 11 times removed according to my family tree. Removed in more ways than one.

Their mothers were sisters with maiden name of Throckmorton which goes back to the DeThockmortons of the year 1080.

My late wife of 30 years was from Ketterring.


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