We had a town to be proud of

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I have just read Mr J Smith’s letter (February 29) and I agree with every word.

Born and bred in Wellingborough in 1942, this town has gone downhill so much when one looks back and sees so much lost since the 50s and 60s within the town and centre. If any more is lost Wellingborough is a ghost town.

If anyone who moved away during the 60s came back today they would not believe they were in the same town. Often I walk through the town centre and think of the proper shops that were there in Market Street, Midland Road, Silver Street, Cambridge Street, High Street, Oxford Street, Victoria Road, just to mention a few. The cinemas, clubs, cafés for the young and teenagers to spend the evenings in, one was never bored.

Another thing in his letter regarding the new Market Street from Cambridge Street to Midland Road and the narrowness, when it was being done I complained to all sections and even wrote a letter to the Evening Telegraph which was printed. I wrote to the police, council, Highways, builders, just to name a few and all I got was that it was OK under the Health & Safety. To myself and many I have spoken to many are afraid to walk along this section for fear of being hit. Only the other day the driver of the bus I was on had to go on the path to get by and the people walking had to get out of the way because of parked cars, etc, unloading. One day someone will be hurt.

It is a pity most of the councillors were not around during the 50s and 60s, they would have seen Wellingborough as it was – a loved town.

From Wellingborough in the 60s one could get anywhere in the country. I know because many times I would catch the bus from Market Street and travel all over the country.

It’s a pity that more don’t write about this issue of what Wellingborough was and is now. Wellingborough was a town to be proud of in those days.

I have said this before and I still say that the councillors of today live in a different world than we who knew Wellingborough when it was a good town.

Tom Haseldine

Stanwell Way,