Volunteers are so important to us

Lesley Bacon has thanked the volunteers at Cransley Hospice
Lesley Bacon has thanked the volunteers at Cransley Hospice

A big thank you to all of our volunteers.

National Volunteers Week from June 1 to 7 is an opportunity for recognition and celebration of the work carried out by the many thousands of volunteers engaged in a wide variety of activities throughout the country.

On behalf of the staff and patients at Cransley Hospice in Kettering and Cynthia Spencer Hospice in Northampton, I would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the volunteers who so generously give their time throughout the entire year.

Our volunteers complement the work of the staff in a wide range of duties within the hospices and in the community and make a significant contribution to the service offered to patients and their families.

The reasons given by volunteers for becoming involved are many and varied.

I am often told that the reward gained through being able to “make a difference”, great or small, outweighs the contribution of time and effort donated.

We wish to thank all of the volunteers at Cynthia Spencer and Cransley Hospices, and all of those who generously give their time in the charity shops and coffee shop, for making that difference.


Voluntary services manager on behalf of all at Cynthia Spencer and Cransley Hospices

A view on state of Wellingborough

What can I say about Wellingborough, the town I was born and bred in 75 years ago, that I have made my home. It is a dump.

It is filthy, dirty with rubbish everywhere.

Paper, bottles, cans, fast food wrappers, dog mess and cigarette ends that stay there for weeks.

Nobody seems to respect the town, only the older residents.

Not many children are taught to take their rubbish home.

It saddens and depresses me every time I go into town from the moment I step into Regent Street.

Doorways are never cleared and it appears nobody sweeps the paths any more.

We used to have council workers with carts, brushes and shovels keeping the town clean and tidy in the 1960s.

We have no decent shops and no cinema when we used to have four. All we have now are countless fast food outlets, nail bars, tatooists and mobile telephone shops.

We used to have a marvellous town with every shop you could ask for.

Wellingborough always used to be called a market town. Not any more. We are lucky to have a few stalls now.

It will never be any good again unless we get some young councillors ready to do a good job and listen to the people.

I have been to Corby many times and last week went to Daventry.

They are 100 times better than here with good shops and no rubbish or weeds anywhere.



The year Britain fought back

Having just returned from a week of hot sunshine in Barcelona with my wife to persisting rain, it lifts the heart to see that common sense has been applied by the people of Northamptonshire – and it is about time too.

Nigel Farage is tearing down the house, and with the greatest of ease it seems.

How stale and decrepit these same old Eton Boys look by their disconnect to the reality of plain-speaking Nigel.

It seems that no matter how David Cameron spins it, it keeps coming up “Farage”.

This could be the year Britain fights back against the years of crippling punitive measures endured in silence by us popular classes. UKIP is coming, better get on board.



So many different punishments

Why do we see such different punishments in magistrate courts, such as a man accused of child abuse getting fined, a man with cannabis discharged conditionally and a man who assaulted another man paying £100 compensation.

What kind of message does this give?

Do what you like, as this is no real punishment.

Judges and magistrates need to think more about the people who are on the receiving side.



Compliment put spring in my step

It was another run-of-the-mill Monday morning. I was heading to the office for another week of work.

Then I stopped for petrol at Tesco in Kettering and the lady on the counter said: “I love the colour of your shirt, you look really nice in that!”

I had a spring in my step for the rest of the day thanks to one person being thoughtful enough to make a lovely comment.

If only there were more people like her.

So, well done Tesco for having such nice staff.

I’m off there now to buy some more pink shirts!


By email

Let parents make holiday decisions

It is just as important for children to go away with their parents and family as it is for them to study lessons at school.

It helps them with English, maths, geography, history and technology when they come back to the classroom.

Unfortunately some people on low incomes cannot take their children away on holiday outside term time because of their finances.

Parents should decide on the importance of holidays during school time, not the education minister.

However, schools should make children do a report about what they have learned on holiday and how it can benefit when they are in the classroom.


By email

Join football club for fun and games

On June 14, AFC Rushden & Diamonds will hold their third annual Fun Day at Kennedys Sports Fields in Finedon, from 10am.

The day will incorporate all AFC’s teams from under sixes up to under 18s and the multi-disability team and will involve upwards of 250 players.

As well as being a festival of football and fun, the annual awards for all the teams will be presented to the community players by representatives from the first team and other local dignitaries.

There will be fun events throughout the day including a bouncy castle and face painting for the younger ones as well as “soak the coach” and “take one for the team” which gives the players the chance to get their own back on the coaches for all the hard training sessions throughout the season.

We will have various stalls setup and raffles going on throughout the day as well as an AFC Rushden & Diamonds stand for anyone who wants to know more about the club.

The last two fun days have been a great success and this year with an influx of volunteers we are looking to make the day even bigger and better than before.

The players really enjoy the day and the look on the faces of the ones who have worked hard to receive an annual award makes all the effort everyone puts in worthwhile.

It is a great day for club too as it is one of the few occasions where all the age groups come together and interact with each other creating a fantastic atmosphere.

I can’t wait for this year’s event which I am sure will be another resounding success.

The community side of the club has recently been boosted by an influx of volunteers but we always welcome more; you don’t have to have a child playing football just a desire to help your local community and to be part of something amazing.

So if you have a child who is looking for a great club to start playing football or if you would just like to get involved then please contact Matt Culwick at mculwick@cokecce.com.ghh.


Chairman of Community Football

AFC Rushden & Diamonds

Helping to deal with separation

During National Family Week from May 26 until June 1, it’s important to remember that one in three families with dependent children is affected by separation.

Polls by relationship organisation Relate found that 58 per cent of separated parents don’t believe in a good separation. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We know that getting the right support to handle separation makes a big difference.

Relate offers practical, online support through its What Next? service at www.relate.org.uk/whatnext, helping separating couples to work through each stage of their separation.

Visit the site for more information on how Relate can help.


Relationship psychologist and Relate ambassador