Ukip election posters are not racist

MEP Roger Helmer, second right, says Ukip's election posters are not racist
MEP Roger Helmer, second right, says Ukip's election posters are not racist

While ordinary people are losing their job and taking a cut in real wages the cossetted cosmopolitan commentariat try to shout “racist” at the new UKIP posters.

There is no reference to race at all in the posters – indeed we are all one human race anyway – but the posters do bring us face to face with a stark reality that many people face every day.

Job displacement and wage compression are serious issues which the LibLabCon wish to pass over in silence but UKIP won’t let them.

Nor will we allow basic facts to be shouted down.

A report in 2012 by the independent Migration Advisory Committee, established by the last Labour government and is run by the respected economist Sir David Metcalf, found that for every 100 extra foreign-born working-age migrants in the UK, there was a reduction of 23 in the number of Britons in employment.

The report added that, between 2005 and 2010, 160,000 people in the UK had been “displaced”, or left jobless, by the influx of foreign workers.

In addition, a report by the GMB union found there has been a 14 per cent fall in the real value of average earnings since 2008.

Due to unrestricted immigration from the EU many people in Britain are vulnerable to losing their jobs and now struggle to pay their bills.

UKIP will not allow their concerns to be hushed up or ignored by Europhile politicians.

On the May 22 European Election, the people will have their say on the EU and UKIP is the answer.

EU membership means we will lose power, money and freedom. It is bad for Britain and we need out.


Ukip MEPs for the East Midlands

Future options for Nene Park

I live 500 metres from Nene Park stadium and drive past the ground most days. It still is a wonderful facility.

As a veteran football lover and former vice-chairman of Rushden & Diamonds Football Club in the Max Griggs era I cannot but wonder what will eventually happen to the stadium.

I must say I am pleased the Kettering Town Football Club sign which was emblazoned on the A6 frontage has now disappeared but its sheer blankness now only illustrates the futility of all that has happened to date, with possibly worse to come.

The Kettering Town interlude was disastrous and should never have happened.

The overall stadium remains, and by and large is intact.

While it is somewhat run down and untidy it nevertheless could easily be resurrected if only somebody could afford to play football there again.

The large original car parks are still in prime condition and the Diamond Centre awaits a revival.

So what will happen to the site?

The current owners might have some sort of plan in mind.

A hotel has been rumoured as a possibility. I somehow doubt if planning permission would be forthcoming for houses.

Also there is an abundance of warehousing in the area so I would have thought that unlikely to received approval.

I understand one possibility is that East Northants District Council might look favourably on a multi-sports facility, but this would require a sporting consortium to finance it.

Here are my thoughts on the subject.

Throughout parts of the UK councils have set up their own multi-sports complexes.

If East Northants Council could negotiate a deal with the Nene Park owners then is it not a possibility at Nene Park as well?

After all, the landlords don’t have too many options at the moment.

The Diamond Centre is a splendid venue for weddings and conferences and was very well supported in the good times.

The restaurant and bars could all be revived – while the boardroom could be rented out as luxury office accommodation supplemented by the existing on-site offices and suites.

It needs imagination, a degree of courage and a good accountant to ensure the necessary figures can be achieved and a breakeven point reached.

The question is – could East Northants Council be tempted into such a project.

Now I come to Rushden & Diamonds and I must immediately point out that I have never discussed my thoughts with them.

What I will say is that they are a very buoyant, ambitious crowd with a young chairman who leads from the front.

I know they are very keen for their own ground, I can only state the obvious and that is that suitable land is very expensive. Add on all the necessary facilities and one is talking big bucks.

If East Northants Council were able to purchase the land and stadium then they have a ready made fantastic facility.

Rushden & Diamonds would not own the land but I would have thought a fair rent could be agreed and they would not be beholden to a private landowner.

The Diamonds have proved themselves a very stable, exciting no-nonsense club.

They command excellent sup-port from their fans who are desperate for the clubs welfare and progression.

As regards the Nene Park Stadium, this could be demolished by its current owners within a couple of years when the covenant expires. How sad.

I realise I might be considered as daydreaming and remembering past glories of the club in its heyday.

But if you say nothing, do nothing then simply nothing will happen.

I therefore ask why East Northants Council could not open up discussions with the stadium owners and whether Rushden & Diamonds might consider a return to the ground.

There is so much potential.

Just think about it – the Diamonds to go back home.

What a story!


By email

Fancy roulette with Russians?

With the ongoing parlous situation now unfolding in eastern Ukraine, one can detect a public indifference to this most serious of international disputes, the general perception seems to be, it will all work out in the end.

I am not so sure, for the following reasons.

The usurpation of the democratically elected Government of Viktor Yanukovych by thugs and thuggery, and an illegitimate Government led by Arseny Yatsenyuk is installed and recognised by the west in Kiev.

Yatsenyuk makes demands, he makes spurious allegations, while putting challenges to Russia, he is enacting the usual gestures of a puppet, while beseeching the west for ministrations, it is an omen of things to come.

It is known and accepted the EU and USA – through bribery, lucrative trade deals and promises of security – are in cahoots with the ever present corruption of the people and their politics, which the West believes will lead to inroads and attain greater influence.

But at the face of the cliff, the reality of this dispute brings a sense of foreboding and inevitability.

Ukraine is fully girded with a wealth of natural resources, this much is known, but things become shadowy when it comes to NATO and their secretive ambitions.

The puny technocrats in the west, have in my mind under valued the worth and resolve in Russia.

Mr Putin and his apparatchiks are very aware and alarmed of the possibility that Nato might realise their game plan to insert nuclear ballistic missiles at the front door of Mother Russia, while similarly armed Western satellite Baltic states would help to encircle and negate any perceived Russian threat.

Mr Putin would clearly see “Enemies at the Gates”. The stage would be thus set to become Cuba, mark two. Putin will not back away or back down.

He will defend his country and his people will fight for their Mother Russia.

Now a serious question: Anyone for Russian Roulette?



Four cancelled appointments

Over the past three months I have had my appointment for my eyes cancelled four times.

I was given one-and-a-half hours notice on one of these occasions and 12 hours notice on another.

Surely we deserve a better service than this.

I now hope that my eyes have not deteriorated too much during the past months.

Excuses given bereavement, being booked in the wrong clinic and a doctor not qualified enough.

I am now waiting for my fifth appointment.

Will I be lucky? I will just have to wait and see.

Is there anyone out there who can cap this record?



Volunteer is needed to help

Wellingborough and District Talking Newspaper for the Blind provides a weekly recording of local news plus a magazine to over 100 blind or partially sighted people living in the area.

We need someone to deal with the technical aspect of making this recording at our studio in Wellingborough, on a Monday evening, once a month.

Full training will be given and all that is required is a basic knowledge of IT.

No in depth knowledge of audio recording is necessary.

For further details please call 01933 674901 or email


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