Time to make your voice heard

It will soon be time to vote in the county council elections
It will soon be time to vote in the county council elections

All the parties have launched their manifestos, the candidate lists have been confirmed and the first big national political figure has made a visit to the county.

It must be election time again.

For those who weren’t aware, we will all be asked to go to the polls on May 2 to elect a new county council.

And it will be a new council. The number of councillors who will be elected has been cut significantly and a number of division boundaries have changed.

Which makes the election far more competitive than it might otherwise have been for the current ruling Conservatives.

And as well as the traditional Liberal Democrat and Labour opposition, for the first time the UKIP candidates who will be out in force could have a big say in who takes power at County Hall.

Turnouts for elections such as these are notoriously poor, but they remain incredibly important, possibly the most important elections we get a chance to participate in.

Your MPs often do not directly influence how money is spent in your town. And in the grand scheme of things, our hard-working district councils actually have relatively small amounts to spend.

County councils wield huge budgets, and face massive decisions about how to spend those budgets. They provide, or facilitate, vastly more services than district councils.

So, whatever your political persuasion, make your vote count on May 2.

Neil Pickford, Editor