Time for town to get gallery

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In times of recession a strange phenomena occurs, women tend to spend more on make-up and the arts flourish.

Friday, March 9, will be the opening day for the first ever Corby Open Exhibition where local artists get the opportunity to display their work, yours truly included. Helen McKay and her team of helpers have transformed the old Corby Library into an amazing gallery of exciting talent and displays.

The gallery will be open from March 9 until March 31, Wednesdays to Saturdays, 11am-4pm. This will give everyone the chance to see the amazing talent in Corby, which until now has had nowhere to showcase its work.

There is a clear need for a permanent gallery in Corby, as this exhibition will show.

There has been a buzz going around the town for several weeks now, and I think the local skills and artistic ability is about to explode upon us.

I have hauled my backside over to Kettering many times to view the Alfred East Gallery, and have always been disappointed in the fact our town does not have the same facilities.

If ever proof were needed that Corby is well overdue its own permanent gallery, this is it.

Corby has finally grown up, this exhibition proves that.

Tom Bingham