The EU is just a protectionist racket

The rural economy is said to be picking up.
The rural economy is said to be picking up.

In response to Stephen Black, the peace in Europe has not come about via the EEC, it was through the development of democracy.

But democracy takes a long time to develop, we have been working at it for 1,000 years and it probably still needs development.

The defeat of Nazi Germany by the democracies started to tell all European countries democracy will always win.

This was enhanced by the 1948 Berlin Airlift when the whole of Europe saw democracies lending a helping hand.

If the EU has a higher GDP per capita how is it that unemployment is rising to disastrous levels in so many European countries?

Germany has such a successful economy because it has preserved itsmanufacturing base better than anyone else.

EU supporters commonly attempt to ridicule Norway, which is a long way from being grotesque.

Norway exports more per head to the EU than we do?

We export more to the rest of the world, with all their varying requirements, than we do to EU countries.

In the run-up to the launch of the euro many companies said they would leave the UK if we did not join this new currency.

They are still here and doing very well.

As regards German exports please note that the UK exports more to the USA than France and Germany put together.

The EU is a protectionist racket imposing a tariff barrier on goods from outside.

But trade is a two-way street so by hindering the rest of the world’s imports, this EU hurdle makes it more difficult to export to the rest of the world.

On leaving the EU we must ensure that those who oppose our independence do not then stab us in the back by deluging us with negative comments about our abilities, thus hampering our progress.

Derek Clark

UKIP MEP, Northamptonshire

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PM’s ambitions are crushed

The warmongers Hague, Ashdown and Osborne were stopped dead in their tracks, not by their inability to hear the Division Bell – which is a lame excuse only a public schoolboy would use – or by a fluke result, but by their own people turning against their leader.

It stopped his gung ho attitude and servile attempts at becoming a statesman on the world stage, which is something he will now never achieve.

Their eyes positively sparkled while being interviewed at the thought of the money to be made selling weapons to the Arabs once things kicked off and got into full swing.

The man least likely to be the next Prime Minister with his schoolboy looks used the same underhanded tactics Cameron and his posh boys have been using since they wangled power three years ago, and they didn’t like it up ‘em!

Cameron will of course sack those with hearing difficulties and whip every Conservative into shape for a later attempt at joining Obama on his jihad to grab the oil fields before Russia or China lay claim to them.

Can Milliband rise to the occasion and assert his party to keep this refusal of becoming entangled in the politics of fanatics and zealots whose problems have nothing to do with us?

Or will he be crushed under the jackboot of Conservative greed, deceit and spin, which is now the daily spectacle on “Prime Minister’s Playtime” on Wednesday lunchtimes.

Tom Bingham


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Chemicals should be the last resort

I am very concerned about the prolific use of chemicals to control rats and mice.

I sincerely hope the councils and pest contol officers are not handing out poison and weed killer to those they are called out to.

Such items are already sold indiscriminately and cause many prized gardens, lovingly cultivated untold damage and destruction when used by reckless individuals.

Tougher controls are needed and heavy penalties for those who do not adhere to the rules.

Only if absolutely necessary should such items be used, and only with the consent of the owner or tenant of the property, and only then under watchful supervision, for they are the ones who are aware of the area needing treatment, with pets and wildlife also at risk.

Councils, please take note.

There are too many who see a problem and reach for the quickest solution without thinking about the bigger picture.

Joyce Butters


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Get your mobility scooter tagged

May I enlighten all Corby mobility scooter owners, like me, of the free data tagging scheme which gives great peace of mind.

The tagging is carried out by PCSO Sue Newman at 51 Corporation Street.

Sue is a friendly and approachable officer with an abundance of empathy.

If you need your scooter data tagged, call at Corby Police Station and ask for Sue, or call 101 and a home visit can be arranaged.

John Lobb Douglas


Alleyway was an absolute disgrace

I have just returned from a visit to Wilkinson’s store in Newland Street, Kettering, and parked round the back in Eden Street.

I cut through the alleyway which takes you into Newland Street and was absolutely disgusted by the trash and litter in the area before you actually go down the alley.

The stench of urine in the alleyway is revolting and beyond belief.

I cannot believe the amount of litter, mainly cans and bottles which have been allowed to build up in this area which makes you feel completely and utterly ashamed of living in Kettering.

Can Kettering Council please do something to clear the mess up?

Sue Bedford

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