The East Northamptonshire roads that won’t be gritted as a priority

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Today the Northants Telegraph can reveal the roads in the East Northamptonshire district which have been downgraded on the county council’s gritting network.

It’s part of a move to save the authority £475,000 - but one councillor says you can be “pretty sure” it will result in accidents.

The East Northamptonshire roads being downgraded are:

Tansor Road, Ashton Wold

Barnwell Road, Barnwell

Church Hill, Barnwell

Church Lane, Barnwell

Hemington Road, Barnwell

Oundle Road, Barnwell

Thurning Road, Barnwell

Well Lane, Barnwell

Church Street, Brigstock

Hall Hill, Brigstock

High Street, Brigstock

Stanion Road, Brigstock

Sudborough Road, Brigstock

Deene Road, Bulwick

Caldecott Road, Chelveston

Main Street, Fotheringhay

Nassington Road, Fotheringhay

Cotterstock Road, Glapthorn

Main Street, Glapthorn

Barnwell Road, Hemington

Luddington Road, Hemington

Main Street, Hemington

Polebrook Road, Hemington

Midland Road, Higham Ferrers

Queensway, Higham Ferrers

School Lane, Higham Ferrers

Wood Street, Higham Ferrers

Ebbw Vale Road, Irthlingborough

Thomas Flawn Road, Irthlingborough

Wansford Road, Kings Cliffe

Hemington Road, Luddington

Luddington Road, Luddington

Thurning Road, Luddington

Fotheringhay Road, Nassington

Kingscliffe Road, Nassington

Mill Road, Nassington

Station Road, Nassington

Higham Road, Newton Bromswold

Herne Road, Oundle

Mill Road, Oundle

St Osyths Lane, Oundle

South Road, Oundle

Church Row, Polebrook

Hemington Road, Polebrook

Brick Kiln Road, Raunds

Butts Road, Raunds

Derling Drive, Raunds

Hill Street, Raunds

Marshalls Road, Raunds

Mountbatten Way, Raunds

North Street, Raunds

The Square, Raunds

Barrington Road, Rushden

Blinco Road, Rushden

Cromwell Road, Rushden

Greenacre Drive, Rushden

Hayden Road, Rushden

Masefield Drive, Rushden

Meadow Sweet Road, Rushden

Melloway Road, Rushden

Portland Road, Rushden

Queen Street, Rushden

Short Stocks, Rushden

Cotterstock Road, Tansor

Fotheringhay Road, Tansor

Main Street, Tansor

Oundle Road, Tansor

Oundle Road, Thrapston

Polopit Road, Thrapston

Barnwell Road, Thurning

Luddington Road, Thurning

Main Street, Thurning

Church Street, Titchmarsh

High Street, Titchmarsh

Oundle Road, Titchmarsh

Polopit, Titchmarsh

School Lane, Titchmarsh

Thrapston Road, Titchmarsh

High Street, Twywell

Islip Road, Twywell

Lower Street, Twywell

Slipton Lane, Twywell

Slipton Road, Twywell

The Green, Twywell

Thrapston Road, Twywell

Chapel Street, Warmington

Church Street, Warmington

Fotheringhay Road, Warmington

Orchard Close, Warmington

Peterborough Road, Warmington

School Lane, Warmington

Mill Road, Woodford

Woodford Road, Woodford

Main Street, Yarwell

Mill Road, Yarwell

Wansford Road, Yarwell