The Corby roads that won’t be gritted as a priority

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Today the Northants Telegraph can reveal the roads in the Corby district which have been downgraded on the county council’s gritting network.

It’s part of a move to save the authority £475,000 - but one councillor says you can be “pretty sure” it will result in accidents.

The Corby roads being downgraded are:

Middleton Road, East Carlton

Abington Road, Corby

Beanfield Avenue, Corby

Burghley Drive, Corby

Butland Road, Corby

Cecil Drive, Corby

Colyers Avenue, Corby

Copenhagen Road, Corby

Fotheringhay Road, Corby

Kingsthorpe Avenue, Corby

Lyveden Way, Corby

Occupation Road, Corby

Saxon Way West, Corby

Shetland Way, Corby

Studfall Avenue, Corby

Viking Way, Corby

Carlton Road, Middleton

The Hill, Middleton

Corby Road, Stanion

High Street, Stanion

Kettering Road, Stanion