Thanking the kindness of a stranger

Vicki Bateman Irving was helped by a stranger at the National Express depot in Northampton
Vicki Bateman Irving was helped by a stranger at the National Express depot in Northampton

On Thursday, April 25, my husband and I, both seniors, one partially disabled, from Canada, had the misfortune to miss our National Express coach from Northampton to Gatwick.

Without a phone and in a strange place we were in a real quandary when a delightful young lady came to our rescue.

Not only did she re-book our tickets for us but she escorted us to the correct bay and waited with us for the next coach.

This Good Samaritan wore a name tag reading “Catherine Short” or possibly “Shaw”.

She was a nurse who had been attending a meeting in Victoria Street, Northampton, and was about to return home to Kettering when she stopped to help us.

Unfortunately, in our distress, we omitted to get her address and are appealing to you to perhaps make the contact via your paper.

In this day and age, to meet a truly kind and thoughtful soul who really went out of her way to help total strangers deserves recognition.

She was a true Guardian Angel!

Thank you for your kind consideration in this matter and a thousand thanks to Catherine.

Vicki Bateman Irving




You should all do your best for us

After chatting to a Labour councillor about the minute’s silence held for the deceased Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, I am left wondering if any politician can tell things as they really are.

It would appear that the Labour Party view on what happened at the meeting markedly differs from the Conservatives’.

People like myself have to rely on what we’re told by the press and individuals who actually took part in the proceedings.

So who is right?

What are the real facts?

The Conservatives must have realised their proposal for a minute’s silence would cause a commotion, so why not hold it in another room?

They could have invited others who shared their sentiments to join them.

No fuss, no bother, and no dramatic headlines about people walking out and sneering at those who wanted to pay their respects.

Please politicians, put aside your squabbles and do what is best for Corby.

This is a great town. It needs promoting not denigrating.

Michael Quarrinton


There is no point to the new lines

I was wondering if there is a new policy on road repairs in Corby?

Part of one of the main roads, Gainsborough Road, had very bad potholes.

Rather than repair the road properly, the white lines have been moved sideways by two feet making the road thinner and means vehicles may avoid the potholes.

However the other side of the road is now wider which means some vehicles going the other way will now hit the potholes?

This is approximately 50 yards just before the Sower Leyes roundabout.

It looks like the lines were painted by a drunk, unless the person was told to do it?

The middle of the road in effect has been moved two feet and is now in the middle of a road hump, the whole thing looks ridiculous and should be put right before there is an accident, and while it is being put right the road should be repaired properly.

R Paige


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They plan to have us surrounded

Do you realise that if all the agreed and proposed sites go ahead, Corby will be surrounded by waste incinerators.

There will be one at Kettering, Rothwell, Desborough, Gretton Brook in Corby and Shelton Road in Corby.

The air we and our children breath will always be polluted.

The whole of Corby should petition their councillors to put a stop to the Corby sites.

R Cunningham

By email

Can you help find Neil A Irving?

I am trying to trace Neil A Irving, who was born in Hackney in 1964, but moved to Kettering.

His father was called William Jardine Irving and his mother was called Sylvia Stock.

Neil’s father was originally from Scotland. If anyone can help please write to Linda Irving, Flat 4, 67 Low Street, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD21 3QP.

Linda Irving


Hopeful that the service improves

More than 100,000 people signed the petition to make sure that Mr Milligan, chief executive of East Midlands Ambulance Service, listened to our views about the proposed closure of the ambulance stations.

Without your support and that of Mr Peter Bone MP, this would not have happened and the local ambulances stations would have been lost.

It was decided at a meeting to place ambulance stations next to fire stations. This should improve response times, but only if more paramedics are empolyed and more ambulances are purchased.

When I last spoke to Mr Bone, I asked what would happen if this is not achieved.

Well, Northamptonshire will have to be run on its own. Let’s hope that response times do improve in the future and lives are not lost.

However, Nene Commissioning, which replaces the primary care trust, needs to ensure that both Northampton and Kettering Hopital accident and emergency teams respond to the targets set.

Dorothy Maxwell


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When will they do the marking?

So Michael Gove wants to cut school holidays because they date from a day long gone.

I wonder what earlier event led to the greater length of MP’s holidays?

After all, Westminster shuts down for a longer summer recess than schools, plus similar breaks at Christmas and Easter.

So when Michael Gove puts the Westminster house in order is, I think, the time when we might look at school holidays.

He has also called into question the length of the school day, far too short, apparently.

Well, apart from the ability of pupils to concentrate for the increased period of time there is another problem.

Please Mr Gove, when do I do my marking?

I’ve retired now but I remember the hours spent at home ploughing through exercise books into the small hours.

Have you any idea at all how long it takes to mark 40 plus physics books every week, and the other eight classes every week, like most secondary teachers?

That’s after all the clearing up of the lab and preparing for the next day.

Do please give me an answer, if you can it might ease the burden of current teachers.

Derek Clark

UKIP MEP for the

East Midlands

(and retired teacher)

The irony of the funeral costs

There is some irony regarding the cost of Mrs Thatcher’s funeral.

Although the figure of £10m has been denied we all know the final cost will be millions of pounds.

The irony is, that at the time of the miners strike, Margaret Thatcher’s Government stopped funeral grants to poor families if it emerged that any of their family members were striking miners.

I wonder what St Francis of Assisi would think of this??

A Reynolds


Are the rules the same for us all?

Can the police please explain to us, why they do not take action against residents who have moved to this county who drive a car with no insurance and road tax, often with foreign number plates, but for British residents we are fined and can lose our licence.

It should be the same for all residents.

Ray Lilley


I’m sure that they sought our views

The planning application for the housing development on the Jacksons Lane site in Wellingborough has been rejected apparently because it’s not really what Cllr Tim McGuire wants in the town centre.

I trust he sought the views of residents on this matter or if not they may wish to consider who to vote for on May 2.

Dave Cornhill


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