TERRY FORSEY: Let’s get out of this super state now

In 1970, 50 per cent of UK trade was with the Commonwealth. And that proportion was falling. The leaders then had the vision and focus to take the UK into the European Common Market as the best option for the future of both UK and Europe.

They did not try to sit on history and stay where we were. They showed clear vision and strong leadership.

I agreed with this plan and voted in favour of it.

Today less than 50 per cent of UK trade is with EU and that proportion is falling. I’m not talking of the Common Market of the 1970s but the enlarged EU of 28 nations today.

The GDP of the EU is failing, and with the dramatic introduction of so many Eastern European states the cultural and economic mix is changing.

I believe allowing weaker economic states into a shrinking and failing EU will dramatically weaken the institution.

Combine this with the desire of Germany to create a European super state means we’re heading for something a million miles from the European Common Market of the 1970s.

The fact that this super state is run by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats is frightening.

Today our political leaders show no clear vision and a frightening lack of leadership.

We are a parliamentary democracy and these politicians can be replaced by us the voters.

I really struggle with the Remain argument, if this is “fear, uncertainty and doubt”, so be it. If it’s “we’ve been here for almost 50 years, why change,” then I despair.

I believe the future is best for the UK in a situation where we can decide what’s best for us – socially, politically and economically. We can do none of these in the EU.

Cameron’s renegotiation offered nothing new and has disappeared from the debate.

I have recently been in Australia. A country with its own problems. They have control over their social, political and economic future. They make good decisions and bad.

But they have not, and will not, allow any external unelected bureaucrats to decide the future of their country for them.

For good or for bad they allow elected politicians to lead and take decisions.

They have a parliamentary democracy to elect and eject these politicians.

The referendum decision is the last ever EU vote, the decision is permanent. It’s our choice.

What sort of country do we want to spend the rest of our lives in and pass on to our children and grandchildren?

I want a people’s democracy not an EU officialdom’s empire.

I want politicians to show leadership and decisiveness and in return we can call them to account in elections.

The EU offers just two duties on its citizens, simply to pay and obey.

For me the choice is very simple. I want to be proud of the UK. Vote BREXIT and take your country back.