Team Corby won’t be getting my vote

David Sims
David Sims
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Reading the letter from the “Team Corby Conservatives” about Corby’s bright future, I can only conclude these people are schizophrenic.

On page three of the same issue is a story about these very same Conservatives referring the recent Audit Commission report to the police.

If the auditor had found evidence of criminal behaviour he would have been duty-bound to report it to the police himself!

Cllr McKellar’s words about suspicious findings and not casting aspersions are the actions of a political coward.

If he has suspicions he should tell us what they are and who they are about.

While he’s about it, perhaps Cllr David Sims could furnish everyone with details of the questions he asked at the time and any emails or other correspondence relating to these matters that he sent.

I suspect it would be light reading.

I welcome their belated commitment to jobs, growth and regeneration, carrying on the work that has seen our town transformed in recent years, though I recall barely a word of support coming from the Conservatives.

Corby does have a bright future, but not with these shameless political opportunists in charge.

They certainly won’t be getting my vote come the next election.

Chris McHutchinson


Artificial meat is still junk food

The good news that Google has funded the world’s first artificial beef burger and that it does taste like meat surely heralds the coming of laboratory sausages, chicken, mince, etc.

The end must be on the cards for industrial farming of cattle and battery farming of hens.

They say it lacks a little taste, but so do “real” beef burgers, and to be honest, the new meat might just contain too much meat and not enough other ingredients.

They say 10 years to get it right, and then the abattoirs, farms and transport can be consigned to history.

The moralists will no doubt throw in their muted opinion because, let’s face it, no animals will be killed or harmed and you cannot argue that the world does not need this stem cell breakthrough.

To me, it’s still junk food at the bottom of our food chain, and eaten only by the poorest of us.

Once the laboratory fish comes on stream and we have learned to cope with a further decimation the fishing industry and again the unemployment that follows, by the year 2033 we could see the cow, the sheep and horse becoming an endangered species.

Fracking is a necessary evil we have no option to accept, and before too long, stem cell food will be the norm too.

We have already accepted genetically modified vegetables.

This could be the end of heart disease because of fat and a hundred other illnesses associated with eating fowl and meat, and again the world will change and more people will live.

Let’s just hope these new stem cell meals are labour-intensive.

Tom Bingham


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We don’t want rule by Brussels

In response to Richard Oliff’s recent column We are all a bit confused over Europe, we would like to correct a few of his assumptions with regard to being confused over the EU.

The reason UKIP calls for a referendum is because we have consistently been promised and denied an in/out referendum of the EU by Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems.

What are they terrified of?

I think you will find NATO kept the peace in Europe since the last war! The last vote for the UK was indeed 1973 for trade though, not political super state status.

His letter also asks if Britain is best placed to stand alone outside the EU? The UK would not stand alone outside the EU.

Switzerland and Norway manage to trade without being stripped of their right to govern their own countries.

The EU has, over the years and with a number of treaties, taken more and more power away from Westminster.

Today the EU has power over trade, VAT, fuel, taxes, immigration, policing and farming.

We send £53m a day to Brussels!

How many extra nurses and new schools could we have if that hard-earned taxpayers’ money were to be used to help, especially with current cutbacks.

We must not forget the EU has not even signed off its own accounts for 18 years! We should also remember the EU was not designed to be democratic, it is totally undemocratic.

UKIP has indeed gathered momentum and we do believe it is right for the British people to have a democratic referendum about remaining in this dictatorial EU.

Trade, not rule by Brussels.

Westminster must have full governing powers back.

After all, we can’t vote for faceless EU bureaucrats but can and should be able to vote in or out those who stand in the General Election in our country – it’s called democracy!

Derek Clark

Northamptonshire UKIP MEP

Margot Parker

County representative on UKIP East Midlands Committee

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They don’t care about our town

Kettering Development Manager Peter Chaplin said of the plan to build 75 houses off Harrington Road, Desborough, that they could look at access and roads.

The site is at the furthest end of Harrington Road with no other option than to travel along Harrington Road.

It is already a heavily congested road, especially during school times.

Seventy-five houses could easily mean an extra 200 car movements a day.

Loatlands School doubling in size means even more traffic, and anyone living along this road knows only too well the congestion that already exists there.

I note that Desborough councillors appear to be against the scheme.

We voted for them do do their best for Desborough, but as usual they are being ignored by borough councillors who have little interest, knowledge or concern about Desborough.

I wonder how many of the councillors on the planning committee actually visited the site.

Simon Ogle


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Wrong message to speedy drivers

On reading your article on the speeding problem between Finedon and Burton Latimer, I was amazed to read that any driver who is caught doing over 90mph could expected to be prosecuted.

Surely the speed limit on this stretch of road is 60mph?

This seems to send out the wrong message to drivers allowing them to do up to 90mph way above the national speed limit.

Glen Walker


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We will fight for fair charges deal

Further to your article last week on car park charges in Kettering, it should be understood that the Labour councillors on the borough council have constantly argued that parking charges in Kettering are uncompetitive when compared with the surrounding towns and unfair to shoppers and traders alike.

We would like to see not only a reduction in hourly charges but a free period of, say, two hours in the morning and have campaigned for this.

In this difficult trading times we must do all we can to encourage shoppers to come into Kettering and support our local shops and traders.

The Labour group will continue the fight to give a fairer deal to all those who shop and trade in Kettering.

Cllr Dave Bishop

Kettering Council

Labour Group leader

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Changes at the town’s hospital

Whatever has happened to Kettering General Hospital?

I moved from Kettering a few years ago; at that time everyone praised KGH for the care they received there.

I recently returned to visit a relative and was very disappointed to witness how standards had fallen. Maybe it’s because care assistants have taken the place of qualified nurses.

During the time I was there I could hardly believe some of the things I was told about “the couldn’t care less” attitude of some people who considered it ‘just a job’, not a profession. It is such a shame it is so different now.

Mrs J McPherson


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Priority to keep residents safe

I went to see a dear friend in Kettering whose wife died last year.

He is coping fine, bless him, has a lovely little dog for companionship, and potters about in his garden, lives in a council bungalow and has a nice neighbour who has a cat.

But sadly some people are using council gardens for air gun practice. It’s a criminal offence if the pellet that’s fired from the rifle enters a boundary into another person’s garden.

An air rifle owner must have permission from the council and you can’t shoot an air gun within 15 yards of a public highway or person’s garden.

The council needs to tackle idiots who think it is fun to play with guns. Its priority is to keep its tenants safe.

Philipa Wardel