Stealth tax on water coming

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The question was asked in the Evening Telegraph of March 8: “What will be the impact of a hosepipe ban?”

The answer is very simple. Supply cannot fill the demand.

We are brainwashed day in day out regarding how our climate is changing but no provision is ever made to address the issues we are told we will face, hence the stealth tax on anything and everything.

Water, a commodity we need and pay for dearly, is and will, according to certain people, become controlled so we do not run dry.

But why then are millions of gallons of water being allowed to leak? Why are we seeing thousands of new dwellings and factories being built which are obviously connected to the same water supply we are rapidly losing?

The old saying “you can’t get blood out of a stone” is blown away as the water companies rub their hands together as they glean more and more money from water bills from new properties and connection charges with no provision to build a new reservoir to handle the ever increasing demand.

Soon I foresee that we will all have compulsory water meters fitted and the cost of water increased so we are forced to use our water more sparingly.

If we are facing a water shortage now is it not time to stop building and for the water companies to start to use our water charges money to invest in new reservoirs and pipes to pump water from areas that are not in drought?

Greed is making for all too many a Third World country out of the UK and it’s time that common sense once again prevailed.

Andrew Meads

South Street,