Speed cameras not the answer

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While all accidents, and particularly those that result in death on our roads, are extremely regrettable under any circumstances, I fail to understand why the police face criticism on their decision to turn off the speed cameras in the county.

“One casualty occurred within 50 metres of a fixed camera site”, you report, adding that mobile cameras handed out almost as many tickets as they did with fixed cameras.

It is logical therefore they have prevented more accidents at places other than fixed camera sites, consequently decreasing the number of deaths in the county. Surely this should be a vindication of their actions, not a criticism.

Perhaps Cllr Andre Gonzalez de Savage could better use any influence he may have regarding the planning of (or lack of) dangerous chicanes, intended to reduce speeding, but more likely to cause accidents (the one in Irchester being a prime example). Focus on repairing the awful state of roads in the county. Permanent repairs, not bodge jobs that only last for a few days.

We may see more benefit from this than from flicking a switch on fixed speed cameras. We all know speeding motorists do slow down for these only to speed up after passing them.

Alan Baish

By email