Small extra price to pay for our paper

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From next week your Telegraph will cost you more – but only slightly more. The price will increase by 10p.

And while we appreciate that some readers may not be happy with this, I believe that it is a small extra price to pay for the best and most comprehensive news, sport and what’s on service available in the north of the county.

Don’t forget that you can cut the weekly cost by 25 per cent if you subscribe via

We offer you far more news stories, more pictures and more sports stories than anyone else.

We also have the biggest and best what’s on listings, the most extensive property section, the most letters, brightest opinions, the best puzzles section, best motors section and best classifieds pages in the area.

We offer a truly local service provided by local staff based in the district.

However, there is a cost to providing this great service, the improvements we have made to the design and content of the newspaper, and the enhanced internet operation we also offer.

We always try to stand up for people in the district and reflect the huge amount of good work being done out there.

We are proud of our long history and are planning for many, many more years of reflecting local events and giving local people a voice.

My aim remains to make the Telegraph the one-stop newspaper for readers in Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough, Rushden and the many towns and villages in between, and I believe it will remain great value at £1.10 per copy.

I hope you agree.

Neil Pickford, Editor