Sir Christopher Hatton pupils are credit to academy

Anthony Clark during his recent visit to Sir Christopher Hatton in Wellingborough
Anthony Clark during his recent visit to Sir Christopher Hatton in Wellingborough

On behalf of the Youth Sport Trust and Sky Sports Living for Sport, I would like to extend my thanks to the inspirational pupils and teachers who welcomed me so warmly at Sir Christopher Hatton Academy in Wellingborough last week.

The vision and commitment of the teachers was plain to see and it was wonderful to witness the energy and enthusiasm of all the pupils I met.

They were keen to share their experiences from their Sky Sports Living for Sport project – it was fantastic to see the power of sport in improving young lives in action!

In my role as an athlete mentor for Sky Sports Living for Sport, which is delivered in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust, I strive to inspire young people to be the best that they can be across all areas of their lives.

I use a variety of sporting activities to get the students involved and active.

I also shared my own journey as a professional sportsperson with the pupils and told them about the challenges I faced and overcame to excel.

I encouraged them to draw on the British Athletes Commission’s ‘Six Keys to Success’ which include mental toughness, hunger to achieve and planning for success.

The young people I met on this visit were a credit to Sir Christopher Hatton Academy and, as is so often the case in this job, I came away from the school feeling incredibly inspired myself.

Different sports inspire different people but one thing is certain, there’s a sport for everyone and finding it can be life changing.

I hope that I have encouraged the pupils at Sir Christopher Hatton Academy find their sport, walk tall, aim high and stay focused on reaching all their goals in life.


Badminton champion

Our high costs of recycling rubbish

I had to smile when reading the Telegraph report regarding the costs of fly-tipping in the county and how it costs us about £185,000.

The area that directly affects my family is Wellingborough Council, which shows a cost of £28,306 for collection of fly-tipped waste.

To put this into context, we must look at the real picture and ask Wellingborough Council how much they actually saved when they stopped our weekly bin emptying?

Most families have the same amount of weekly household waste and, with one moderately sized bin, have an excess of waste that will not be collected if it does not fit into the bin.

Those of us who are responsible people incur extra personal costs as we deliver our extra waste to the nearest recycling centre once a fortnight.

Speaking to people at these recycling centres it appears that they meet their so-called quotas regarding waste disposal, so a considerable number of the public undertake the work once taken up by council employees on weekly bin emptying rounds.

As always, a certain number of people are not quite so responsible and just dump their excess rubbish anywhere, which must contribute to the problems of fly-tipping.

Therefore, would it be fair to assume that a certain amount of tipping is due to the change from weekly bin emptying to once a fortnight and furthermore is the £28,306 cost a mere drop in the ocean compared to the actual saving incurred by stopping weekly collections?

From a personal perspective it costs us in excess of £130 per annum to recycle our household waste responsibly.

I wonder how many others are faced with similar costs?



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Keep politics out of our policing

After one year in the job, our local police and crime commissioner Adam Simmonds is asking us not to judge him on his first year in office.

Amid the huge fanfare in our local media of his anniversary, local people will be better placed to judge his performance when taking into account his record of overseeing policing in the county.

That record to date is one of fewer front-line police officers, a growing personal entourage surrounding him and the fact that you are more likely to be the victim of theft in Northamptonshire than you are if you live in Merseyside.

There are many other huge concerns, including the complete failure of local police on child protection and a worrying number of violent assaults, especially in Kettering.

If Adam does not want us to judge him now, when will be convenient?

In my opinion, politics should be kept out of policing.

I hope that when Labour win the next election in 2015, they will end this madness and go back to an independent, more cost-effective model of overseeing our police force.


By email

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Authorities are planting here

So the county council wants the lady to remove her dangerous flower bed.

Here in the Victoria area of British Columbia in Canada the opposite is happening.

Four lane roads are being reduced to two lanes so bike lanes can be accommodated.
And what do they do in the middle of the roads?

They plant flowerbeds with trees and tall plants such that visibility is restricted.

From what I can see of Margaret Elgood’s flower bed this does not constitute a danger compared to what’s happening here.


Canada (formerly of Kettering)

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I will have my day in court

I am writing in response to Lyn Boots and her letter in the Telegraph on November 14.

I have had two assesments from Atos. One for disability living allowance and one for employment and support allowance.

On both occasions, Atos have lied about the effect of my illness on my health,

I suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

I am in chronic pain 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

On Thursday, November 7, I was called by a man from the Department for Work and Pensions trying to persuade me to drop my appeal.

I will not drop my appeal.

When my case comes to court, I will be looking the judge and the doctor in the eye and I will tell them that complete lies have been written about me.

I suggest Lyn’s husband appeals and gets as much support behind him as possible.

He must not feel he is alone as many people have had the same experience.

The waiting time for appeals in the Kettering area is 40 weeks.

I wonder what percentage of disabled people will die before their appeal comes up.



Talented pupils should play on

On Wednesday, November 13, I was at the Royal Albert Hall in London for the final day of the 2013 Schools Prom.

One of the 11 groups that played that evening was the Wellingborough Music & Arts Centre Festival Band.

They put on a good performance, including the playing of an instrument I’d not seen before, namely a 6ft length of chain!

They are a credit to their teachers, their schools and, most importantly, to themselves.

Well done all of you – keep on playing.



Poppy appeal has broken records

The Poppy Appeal in the Gretton district has broken all records with a grand total of £1,937.25 collected.

Thank you everyone for your generous donations to help the Royal British Legions caring work for our ex-servicemen and women.

Grateful thanks are expressed to all the ladies and gentlemen who did the the door-to-door Poppy sales in Gretton and to Mr and Mrs Frankland for arranging the Poppy sales in Harringworth.

Remembrance Day services at Spanhoe Airfield in the morning and Gretton Baptist Church in the afternoon were very well attended.

The parade to the war memorial following the church service was a magnificent turnout.

This year’s Poppy Appeal in the Gretton District was coordinated by Rob Clarke who is thanked for his sterling work and commitment.


Gretton and District Holding Branch of the Royal British Legion Women’s Section

Thank you for giving so much

I write on behalf of the Rushden branch of the Royal British Legion to express huge thanks to the people of Rushden for their fantastic support and generous contributions to this year’s Poppy Appeal.

So far in excess of £27,000 has been raised, which far exceeds last year’s total of over £23,000 and money is still coming in.

All money raised goes towards helping our service and ex-servicemen and women plus their families in need.

The help can range from assisting with processing compensation claims, tribunal representation, providing free handyman service for small DIY jobs and minor repairs and alterations for those unable to due to their injuries, helping to train for new jobs, sign-posting to the right agency for emotional support, and so much more.

So thank you everybody, your support is most appreciated.


Parade commander of the Rushden branch of the Royal British Legion