Safer driving is a must for us

WELL done our local Rural Safer Community team.

For too long our villages around Santa Pod have had to put up with inconsiderate drivers attending Santa Pod race meetings at all hours of the day and night both at weekends and midweek.

The drivers are not just going to the event but travel back and forth also.

These drivers do not understand that driving at 53mph within a 30mph speed limit can kill.

We have, in the past, had to suffer the after-effects of accidents in the villages and have seen the suffering caused so let’s hope we do indeed get further operations and we see a better standard of driving return.

And let’s hope that the owners of Santa Pod pay a levy of money to support this operation, after all if it was not for the events held there, there would be no problems and rural peace would return at weekends.

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FOR a long time now I have extolled the excellence of Morrisons, particularly their restaurant and have told many of my friends that they give real value for money.

This is in spite of the fact that sometime ago now, I waited for over one hour for a tea-time meal. It was explained to me that they only have three people on duty at tea-time, hence the slow service.

I did write a letter to the management but this was ignored.

Today I went along with my wife to order my favourite meal only to be told that short-crust steak pies were not available after 4pm. Perfectly reasonable you might think, except to say that these pies were on sale in their own bakery only 30 yards away.

However, I ordered two meals and was then asked for an additional £2.50.

What has happened to their special offers of two meals for £5 or £6 or £8 including free drinks? I realise I need to be a little more careful in my recommendations in future.


By email

AFTER reading the piece in your paper that the RSPCA were called to rescue a bird caught in some mesh, it prompted me to write about the mesh that bird nuts and fat balls are contained in.

Birds can also get their feet tangled in these.

Please buy the correct plastic or wire ones with a clip-down lid. The lid is important as some birds will try going in head first, unable to get out again as I have found out from experience!

The bird table is a good place for nuts also as the collared doves eat them.

Try some currants too, most of our garden birds love these. Sit back with your coffee or wine and let the show begin!

Mrs Julie Dragedore

Pioneer Avenue,

Burton Latimer