Roads in the rest of Northamptonshire that won’t be gritted as a priority

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Today the Northants Telegraph can reveal the roads in the rest of Northamptonshire which have been downgraded on the county council’s gritting network.

It’s part of a move to save the authority £475,000 - but one councillor says you can be “pretty sure” it will result in accidents.

The other county roads being downgraded are:

Queenswood Avenue, Northampton

Yardley Drive, Northampton

Reynard Way, Northampton

Obelisk Rise, Northampton

Port Road, Northampton

Park Drive, Northampton

South Oval, Northampton

East Oval, Northampton

Welland Walk, Northampton

Severn Drive, Northampton

Avon Drive, Northampton

Witham Walk, Northampton

West Oval, Northampton

Merthyr Road, Northampton

Dallington Road, Northampton

Baring Road, Northampton

Dallington Green, Northampton

Dallington Park Road, Northampton

Chiltern Avenue, Northampton

Chiltern Way, Northampton

Cotswold Avenue, Northampton

Limehurst Road, Northampton

Eastfield Road, Northampton

Northfield Road, Northampton

Firsview Drive, Northampton

High Street, Northampton

Ashbrow Road, Northampton

Thorn Hill, Northampton

Ringway, Northampton

Ladybridge Drive, Northampton

Acre Lane, Northampton

Link Road, Northampton

Greenshills Road, Northampton

Whitehills Way, Northampton

Whitehills Crescent, Northampton

Crestwood Road, Northampton

Holmecross Road, Northampton

Birds Hill Road, Northampton

Russet Drive, Northampton

Fishponds Road, Northampton

Fieldmill Road, Northampton

Penfold Lane, Northampton

Cherry Lodge Road, Northampton

Blackthorn Road, Northampton

Goldings Road, Northampton

Rectory Farm Road, Northampton

Olden Road, Northampton

Ecton Brook Road, Northampton

Overmead Road, Northampton

Fir Tree Walk, Northampton

Charnwood Avenue, Northampton

The Headlands, Northampton

Birchfield Road East, Northampton

Birchfield Road, Northampton

Broadway, Northampton

Collingwood Road, Northampton

Abington Avenue, Northampton

Stimpson Avenue, Northampton

Clare Street, Northampton

Earl Street, Northampton

Duke Street, Northampton

Bailiff Street, Northampton

Balmoral Road, Northampton

St Davids Road, Northampton

Nursery Lane, Northampton

Yelvertoft Road, Northampton

Hastings Road, Northampton

Cranford Road, Northampton

Aintree Road, Northampton

Goodwood Avenue, Northampton

Oulton Rise, Northampton

Spinney Hill Road, Northampton

Churchill Avenue, Northampton

Keswick Drive, Northampton

Quinton Road, Northampton

Curtlee Hill, Northampton

Wootton Hope Drive, Northampton

The Warren, Northampton

Hardingstone Lane, Northampton

Butts Road, Northampton

Penvale Road, Northampton

Hill Farm Rise, Northampton

Queen Eleanor Road, Northampton

Farmhill Road, Northampton

Barley Hill Road, Northampton

Pine Ridge, Northampton

High Street, Upton

Scribers Drive, Upton

Telford Street, Upton

Telford Way, Upton

Station Road, Great Billing

High Street, Great Billing

The Green, Hardingstone

High Street, Hardingstone

Wake Way, Grange Park

Bridge Meadow Way, Grange Park

Quintonside, Grange Park

Houghton Road, Hackleton

Houghton Road, Little Houghton

Leys Lane, Little Houghton

The Green, Great Houghton

High Street, Great Houghton

Piddington Lane, Hackleton

Bedford Road, Little Houghton

Northampton Road, Denton

Bedford Road, Denton

Denton Road, Castle Ashby

Whiston Road, Castle Ashby

Castle Ashby Road, Whiston

Denton Road, Cogenhoe

Cogenhoe Road, Cogenhoe

Northampton Road, Yardley Hastings

The Square, Yardley Hastings

Little Street, Yardley Hastings

High Street, Yardley Hastings

Dowthorpe Hill, Earls Barton

Station Road, Earls Barton

High Street, Earls Barton

Wellingborough Road, Earls Barton

Newnham Road, Badby

Staverton Road, Badby

Bunkers Hill, Badby

Main Street, Badby

The Green Badby

Pinfold Green, Badby

Spratton Road, Brixworth

Main Street, Church Stowe

Christchurch Drive, Daventry

Badby Road West, Daventry

Tyne Road, Daventry

Thames Road, Daventry

Staverton Road, Daventry

Ashby Road, Daventry

Clare Avenue, Daventry

Cowper Road, Daventry

Hemans Road, Daventry

Burns Road, Daventry

Daneholme Avenue, Daventry

Welton Road, Daventry

St Andrews Drive, Daventry

Sunnigdale Drive, Daventry

The Fairway, Daventry

Hillside, Daventry

Trafalgar Way, Daventry

Church Lane, East Haddon

Ravensthorpe Road, East Haddon

The Green, Guilsborough

Nortoft, Guilsborough

Coton Road, Guilsborough

New Road, Harlestone

Duston Road, Harlestone

Naseby Road, Haselbech

Maidwell Road, Haselbech

Loddington Road, Harrington

High Street, Harrington

Rothwell Road, Harrington

Moulton Road, Holcot

Long Buckby Road, Long Buckby

Murcott, Long Buckby

West Street, Long Buckby

King Street, Long Buckby

Haselbech Road, Maidwell

The Grove, Moulton

Holcot Road, Moulton

Haselbech Road, Naseby

Staverton Road, Newnham

Teeton Road, Ravensthorpe

High Street, Ravensthorpe

East Haddon Road, Ravensthorpe

Guilsborough Road, Ravensthorpe

Coton Road, Ravensthorpe

Brixworth Road, Spratton

Teeton Road, Spratton

Badby Lane, Staverton

Nether Heyford Road, Stowe Nine Churches

Main Street, Stowe Nine Churches

Preston Capes Road, Stowe Nine Churches

Farthingstone Road, Stowe Nine Churches

Spratton Road, Teeton

Ravensthorpe Road, Teeton

Old Road, Walgrave

Long Buckby Road, Watford

Everdon Road, Weedon

Crick Road, West Haddon

West End, West Haddon

Yelvertoft Road, West Haddon

Northampton Road, West Haddon

Yelvertoft Road, Winwick

Byfield Road, Woodford Halse

Scrivens Hill, Woodford Halse

Church View, Woodford Halse

School Street, Woodford Halse

Station Road, Woodford Halse

Hinton Road, Woodford Halse

High Street, Yelvertoft

Tiffield Road, Towcester

Towcester Road, Tiffield

High Street South, Tiffield

St Johns Road, Tiffield

Bradden Road, Greens Norton

Bury Hill, Bradden

Main Street, Bradden

Slapton Hill, Slapton

Slapton Hill, Wappenham

Sulgrave Road, Helmdon

Helmdon Road, Sulgrave

School Street, Sulgrave

Magpie Road, Sulgrave

Chacombe Road, Middleton Cheney

Archery Road, Middleton Cheney

High Street, Middleton Cheney

Main Road, Middleton Cheney

Humphries Drive, Brackley

Church Road, Brackley

Valley Road, Brackley

Swinneyford Road, Towcester

Bickerstaffes Road, Towcester

Haresmoor Drive, Towcester

Whittlebury Road, Silverstone

Silverstone Road, Whittlebury

Church Way, Whittlebury

Main Road, Syresham

Brackley Road, Hinton in the Hedges

Croughton Road, Hinton in the Hedges

Upper Astrop Road, Kings Sutton

High Street, Astcote

School Road, Astcote

School Road, Pattishall

Church Street, Pattishall

Fosters Boot Road, Pattishall

Birds Hill Road, Eastcote

Greenway, Eastcote

Hill View, Eydon

High Street, Eydon

School Lane, Eydon

Banbury Road, Chacombe

Thorpe Road, Chacombe

The Ring, Chacombe

Middleton Road, Chacombe

High Street, Silverstone

Stocks Hill, Silverstone

Little London, Silverstone

Towcester Road, Greens Norton

Towcester Road, Litchborough

Stratford Road, Deanshanger

The Green, Deanshanger

Church Lane, Deanshanger

Wicken Road, Deanshanger

Deanshanger Road, Wicken

Wicken Park Road, Wicken

The Green, Nether Heyford

Furnace Lane, Nether Heyford

Hillside Road, Nether Heyford

Watery Lane, Nether Heyford

Bugbrooke Road, Gayton

Back Lane, Gayton

Blisworth Road, Gayton

Gayton Road, Blisworth

Chapel Lane, Blisworth

Stoke Road, Blisworth

Blisworth Road, Stoke Bruerne

Grafton Road, Alderton

Pury Road, Alderton

Alderton Road, Paulerspury

Grays Lane, Paulerspury

High Street, Paulerspury

Careys Road, Paulerspury

Westy Road, Paulerpury

Church Road, Piddington