Requiem for the ubiquitous soldier, (Quietus Eet) he is at rest

A grey head, cupped by shaking hands

To steady the halo of pathos

Threatning to consume the being within

Old cloudy eyes,damp with sorrow

Cry to the Heavens for answers

None have come

The vacuum of despair

is troubling Tenets

Once lovingly held, questioned

They have been committed to the Abyss,

From the depths of which

no reassurance has come

An old man weeps for the Oblation

offered and taken,

A young life lost forever

The carapace of love, has been pierced

By the default of intercession

The beguilling of the young

Emboldened by fiery rhetoric

Spurs into action, a zealous youth

A clarion call to the latent spirit

To do ones duty

Move forward......Go forward.....Always forward

Glory is yours to be won ..but never freely given

Silence reigns now..he has paid with his life

Charon is his helmsman

The Sacrifice was offered....duly accepted

A bullet in the breast is the receipt

left in acknowledgement for the death of one so young

The life to be lived......cut short

Forfeited for what ..WHY

The answer is heard

delivered by the Abacus, as it rattles out

The totals of mans, avarice and futility

It’s offerings on show include blood, power and cupidity

The essentials for the Human condition

But, hark now

The mantling of divers’ tongues

do battle to capture mens’ thoughts

Yet the old man persists and asks