Raw deal on ambulances

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I was moved to write to you following your Opinion piece in an edition of the Evening Telegraph last week on East Midlands Ambulance Services and its poor response times, which do not even meet the minimum national targets.

The latest response times are simply unacceptable and it is deplorable people are having to wait for longer and longer periods for an ambulance to turn up.

I originally fought proposals to bolt the Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire services onto Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Rutland, in 2006.

I was against the plans to merge the services across such a huge region of the East Midlands – it was bound to lead to a lack of accountability and poorer performances across the board – the area is just too large for the service to cope with and cover satisfactorily.

As an MEP I have to work within this ridiculous geographical boundary called the East Midlands so I know how difficult that can be.

You are correct when you say the people of Northamptonshire – and beyond – are getting a raw deal.

Derek Clark

MEP for Northamptonshire

UK Independence Party