Questions need asking of police

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I am sure Northamptonshire Police can justify their approach to the county tax payers for more cash to sustain the “not performing well” service (Evening Telegraph, Thursday).

I humbly believe the Evening Telegraph has left itself open to the charge of being an unquestioning mouthpiece for our force. Perhaps we, as the funding providers and service recipients, should ask some relevant questions:

1. Is there a plan to manage non-medically fit officers?

2. Can they manage out non-performing officers and staff (how many have been lost in the last 2 years?)

3. Share resources with other local police forces?

4. Privatise non-front line services?

5. Will the new Police Commissioner also be subsumed into a cosy relationship like the current Police Authority?

Lastly I suppose the group of people whose voice means more than most in this issue and whose opinion is credible, might be the friends and relatives of the murder victim in Roade and lastly the wider Ding family friends and relatives.

George Danton