Proud to provide something for all

The Core at Corby Cube provides something for everyone, says artistic director Chris Sudworth
The Core at Corby Cube provides something for everyone, says artistic director Chris Sudworth

As a member of the consortium who developed Corby’s successful £1m Creative People & Places proposal, drawing on the views of more than 800 local people, I am delighted that local artist Tom Bingham is as excited as we are about the opportunities that this significant support from Arts Council England will provide for Corby’s communities and artists to shape the creative activities available across the borough.

The involvement of Corby’s communities, including independent artists, will be essential to making the next three years a success and I would encourage Mr Bingham and others to be part of the process that enables the borough’s creative ambitions to be realised.

At The Core at Corby Cube we have developed a range of opportunities and support for young people and artists, predominantly in the performing arts.

In addition to weekly workshops in dance, drama, musical theatre and digital arts, we run six-month advanced training programmes for committed young actors and dancers; host a monthly open house event for local artists to test their ideas and make new work; offer workshops led by directors and cast members from visiting performance companies; and run creative projects with schools and our local communities.

Last year more than 15,000 people took part in creative activities with The Core.

We are very proud to provide something for people from all our communities to enjoy: with high-profile comedians, a wide range of music acts and local performers, alongside some of the most exciting new theatre and dance companies.

We also present a regular film programme, catering for mainstream and more specialist interests.

More than 27,000 people attended performances at The Core during the past year.

Chris Sudworth

Creative director, The Core at Corby Cube

Thatcher policies are to blame

The roots of the housing problems highlighted in a story in the Independent, like many ills, go back to the Thatcher era.

The initial idea with council house sales was that the receipts were meant to go towards building new stock.

The funds were plundered and squandered instead and successive governments of both shades have tried to out-Thatcher MrsThatcher, going ever further in trusting the free market rather than investing in social housing.

And it is an investment in the social fabric, not just a matter of bricks and mortar.

Failure to do so has led to misery for millions, with no end in sight.

We see the same ideals at play behind privatising the NHS, employment, education, transport and infrastructure generally, all with the same consequences.

A small number of fat cats line their pockets at the expense of ordinary people.

I thought the days of robber barons and rotten boroughs had been consigned to history. I was wrong.

Thatcher is dead, guys.

See sense and move on.

Paul Fry


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Irresponsible and dangerous

I commend J Brown for raising the issue of private vehicles blithely driving in George Street between Alexandra Road and Cardigan Place in Corby between the hours of 8am and 6pm on weekdays.

This happens all the time and should be stopped.

A similar thing occurs in Alexandra Road where drivers entering from George Street try to enter the Oasis car park across the line of traffic approaching from Elizabeth Street instead of proceeding to the roundabout in Elizabeth Street and returning in the appropriate lane for the car park.

Due to the volume of traffic in the area, this irresponsible and thoughtless action is not only dangerous but interferes with the flow of traffic behind the offender.

I feel that a no right turn sign is required at this spot so that everyone is aware of the correct procedure.

Incidentally,the aforementioned roundabout in Elizabeth street has been riddled with potholes for some months now and really should be repaired as soon as possible.

Mick Lewin


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Hello from your new councillor

Hello from your new Kettering Council Welland ward councillor.

I would like to say a very big thank you to all those people who voted for me.

As I write this article it’s only been a couple of weeks since being elected.

I have already been working on a few things that have been brought to my attention and I look forward to getting more and more involved in the issues which affect residents.

I have also started attending parish meetings as I feel this is going to help create a better link between parishes and the borough council and allow residents to be heard more clearly.

People can also get in touch with me personally.

Cllr David A Howes

Welland ward

Kettering Council

Did you serve in 152 Squadron?

Did you serve with the 152(Hyderabad) Squadron at any time between 1940 and 1967, or did your father or grandfather serve with them?

For many years the squadron has been looking for a home so that everything we have put together is available for everyone to see, read and hear about and we’ve finally found one.

Please call 01473 251219 or email if you have any stories, information or items you would like to donate.

Rob Rooker


Poor fair traffic management

Please pass on not only my heartfelt thanks, but undoubtedly those of almost every other road user trying to negotiate Rothwell, to the personalities who planned the “road closures” for making the town truly difficult to negotiate during the fair’s visit to the town.

Safety of pedestrians is to be taken seriously and traffic measures are admittedly long overdue, but there appears to have been limited vision on the resulting confusion and limited road space through the non sign directed diversion.

Whoever was responsible must either drive a very slim car or not drive at all.

Home-made additions to an officially designed sign show the professionalism of those involved; a tiny arrow clearly made from gaffer tape pointing right does not inspire me or more importantly instruct road users as to the route they need to follow.

Leading from the Glendon road up Rock Hill, a yellow sign with “diversion” would help.

Due to people selfishly parking quite legally outside their properties in the narrow Victorian era streets being used for the “diversion”, people wishing to bypass the fair have very little choice but to hope that they are not going to get trapped in a section of road with no space to pull into to allow an oncoming vehicle to pass if that vehicle happens to be leading a stream of traffic.

Having spoken briefly to a police officer on Saturday while in stalled traffic, the closures were nothing to do with the police but a civil authority.

No doubt these errors will be blamed on a junior entity somewhere in the system.

PJ Fitzsimmons


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Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be

Since the recent county council elections there have been several correspondents sharing their views about UKIP.

There seems to be a strong emphasis in their thinking that “the good old days” need to return.

As such times never really existed I have to agree with the sentiment that “nostalgia isn’t what it used to be” and vote accordingly.

Canon George Burgon

Barton Seagrave

I remember Fred from Kaycee

I was so pleased to read Fred Beasley’s letter regarding the Kaycee building in Kettering published in the Telegraph on May 23.

It stirred so many memories for myself and many others.

I remember Fred fondly as I was in the office in the Corby factory and it was my duty to receive the items from the main Kettering office, including pay packets on Fridays.

As Fred says, the canteen ladies were wonderful, in fact all the people who worked at Kaycee were like one big happy family.

It is sad to see the Kettering factory demolished, as was the Corby factory a few years ago to make way for housing.

I suppose each generation takes a nostalgic look at the past, but one wonders if things are getting better.

Eileen Haywood


Hope they return as changed men

Unless there is a major crisis, I see no reason why members of the cabinet should not take a reasonable vacation to relax and recharge the batteries, for the purpose of being more efficient, and that includes the Prime Minister.

Refreshed, I hope the Prime Minister will return and push for no gay marriages. All work, no play makes Dave a dull boy.

Kenneth Jack


Anonymous good deed is praised

While out, we lost a television rental payment card which was inside an envelope addressed to Mobile Radio Services.

At 6pm the same day we discovered that some kind person has pushed it through our letterbox. We would like to say a big thank you to that person for this good deed.

G and C Staff