Please be generous for Poppy Appeal

Corby mayor Anthony Dady is asking people to back this year's Poppy Appeal
Corby mayor Anthony Dady is asking people to back this year's Poppy Appeal

In the coming weeks, Poppy sellers will be out and about in the borough of Corby raising money to support the Royal British Legion.

Their mission has been to help members of the serving and ex-service community.

For decades the Royal British Legion has been the leading charity safeguarding the welfare, interests and memory of those who have served their country.

With 2014 the centenary year of World War One, we are ever mindful of the sacrifices made by our Armed Forces and the demands on our services are as important now as they were then.

I therefore ask the people of the borough of Corby to be as generous as ever and support the local Poppy Appeal which is under way.

I would also like to take this opportunity of inviting members of the public to join me at the flagpole outside the Cube to observe the two minutes silence at 11am on Tuesday, November 11, which will be marked by the firing of maroons.


Mayor of Corby

This is what team has been doing

The Deputy Leader of Corby Council has posed the question, Where are the Team Corby Conservatives?.

We are delighted to respond by telling the people of Corby and its surrounding villages about just a few of the positive community projects that have been keeping us busy in the past 12 months.

As the one pro-Corby group on the council we have been working hard on projects like WeLoveCorby which will see the area transformed into a thriving tourist venue, bringing wealth, facilities and enhanced amenities to the town.

We have established the Green Corby Charter to promote green, high-tech enterprises in Corby, while also protecting the local environment.

We have campaigned for, and delivered, special environmental protection for all seven of Corby’s surrounding villages; and our next big project is the exciting Film Corby scheme which will see Corby’s landscape, historic attributes and modern buildings appearing as scenes on television and in film.

Meanwhile, our individual councillors have also been working hard in the wards they represent.

Cllr David Sims is leading the way in Oakley Vale and Great Oakley to improve the environmental services that were downgraded by Labour.

Cllr Rob McKellar is championing the cause to bring faster broadband and better mobile telephone signals to Weldon and Gretton.

Cllr Stan Heggs has campaigned hard for repairs to be made to the Geddington Road bridge and Cllr Ray Lilley has fought the corner for road safety in the Corby Old Village.

So in answer to the Labour deputy leader’s question – that is where the Team Corby Conservatives are.

While Labour continue to preside over waste, mismanagement and inefficiency in the smoke-filled rooms of Corby Council, the Team Corby Conservatives are working hard in the community to build a bright future for Corby and its surrounding villages.

Team Corby Conservatives

New affordable homes question

At their recent Conservative Party Conference David Cameron made a pledge to build more “affordable housing” if he gets re-elected at the next general election.

I don’t see how he can make this promise when the coalition government recently made changes to the section 106 agreement which sets out, among other issues, how much of any property development is given to the local authority at cost?

This obligation has now been withdrawn from the section 106 agreement if any developer can prove he will be losing money on a development by giving away any of the properties to the local authority at cost.

This has happened already on the development on the corner of Lower Street and Railway View in Kettering where all 28 of the flats being built are for retail to the residential market only.

Has Kettering Council got an abundance of social housing sitting empty that they can afford give away the chance of any new properties being built for them at cost?

I wouldn’t think so.

Therefore, if it is Kettering Council’s policy to let all future developments go ahead without social housing being built at cost as part of the section 106 agreement, perhaps they could explain their reasoning to the many people on the waiting list for social housing.



Town will vote with its feet

Having lived in Corby for over 60 years yet worked all over the UK, I find Corby is one of the friendliest and most generous towns I have known.

MPs come and MPs go here as we are not very forgiving when we are being taken advantage of.

It‘s not a town that closes ranks and protects wrongs, but a town that quickly puts things right by voting with our feet.

We must get rid of the gravy train professionals who spend their time on photo shoots relying on past favours and backing grants to keep themselves in office while the MP draws £4,000 a week salary and expenses.

The difference between the Tories and the Labour party is only the degrees of greed they apply to how they conduct themselves.

The job of Member of Parliament for Corby is not an offer of “carte blanche” to spend whatever you like to make yourself comfortable in the town, but to set an example of hard work with results and show prudence and good money management where possible.

My vote in the future may well return to a Labour candidate, but until I see a clear separation between these two blood-sucking parties, I will stand with new people who have defected to UKIP.

Corby consists of hard-working good people who place their trust in people who say they will stand up for our rights and needs, but clearly it’s the same old, same old.

Dave, Ed and Nick divvying up the goodies then treating the workers like idiots.

I understand Mr Norton’s loyalty, with him being the local Labour Party’s political education officer, but as a relative new comer to Corby, and not having lived through the unemployment, the Wonderworld promises and such like, I wish him well with his “good works” promoting the best little town in the UK.



Options to get us back on track

I note Kate Fowles’ letter on Kettering-to-Northampton buses, and correct her on there being three routes, not one.

The X4 is the fastest, with 39 and 38 “scenic routes”!

Both the Tories and Labour decimated and destabilised our rail system by closing 6,500 to 7,500 route miles when mothballing or hiving them off towards co-op community run companies could have prevailed as “good conservatism”.

For example, Kettering could have been on both local and inter city routes from Norwich to Bristol, via Cambridge to Huntingdon, Kettering, Wellingborough, Northampton and then on to Stratford-on-Avon to Cheltenham and Gloucester.

Alternate services could have run via Peterborough to Thrapston, Wellingborough, Northampton and then either Stratford or Milton Keynes to Oxford and Swindon.

These lost routes are not recoverable, except at enormous expense.

However, there is a group called East West Rail, pledging to renew the Oxford to Cambridge Line, and work is well under way at its western end, allowing a possible Kettering, Bedford, Oxford, Reading link-up from 2017-18.

A busier route would be via Stevenage and Luton Airport, allowing an eventual phase two route through Northamptonshire, albeit with a probable £750m minimum cost.

The ideal would be Peterborough to Oundle and then Corby via a complete new line, then Kettering to Wellingborough and Northampton through old line renewal and deviations, then via Milton Keynes to Oxford.

Regrettably, people in charge do not heed Joe Public’s view, so Kate may need to wait 15 years or more to be able to get a train to Northampton.

It might happen, however, if individuals, councils and MPs wrote to the minister of transport about a wider reach trend, and diverting the planned Bedford to Cambridge route which is still not fixed yet, to the Luton-based layout.