Opinion: We must do better in our schools

We must do better in our schools, says Neil
We must do better in our schools, says Neil

Educational standards and achievements in the county have been unaccceptably poor for far too long.
While there are undoubtedly some excellent teachers and high-achieving schools across Northamptonshire, they have been the exception rather than the rule for far too many years.

Every time a league table is published the county languishes in the bottom half.

And every time those in charge of education in the county promise that we will do better.

Despite a number of schemes and initiatives, not much has really changed.

Of course, our demographics play a large part in how we do, but there has been little in recent times to indicate any major improvements.

The county council’s new initiative seems all shiny and bright, with a catchy title, but its success can only be judged over a significant period of time.
Educational achievement levels in this county have simply not been good enough. We have been failing our young people and it can only be hoped that the “race for the top” is not just a glib piece of propaganda but has lasting results.

Neil Pickford, Editor