OPINION: Victory off the pitch boosts community

The Poppies' survival is good for the community, says Neil Pickford
The Poppies' survival is good for the community, says Neil Pickford

The demise of a football club represents far more than just the loss of somewhere for supporters to go on a Saturday afternoon and the occassional week night.

It represents the death of part of the community.

And that is what those fighting for the future of Kettering Town Football Club have successfully managed to avert.

There is no money to be made in football at almost any level of the game.

Chairmen and owners of all but a handful of clubs must know that they have to truly love the game to get any reward from it, because the vast majority will not get any financial rewards.

Those who have fought to secure Kettering Town’s long-term future have done so against the odds.

Many times we have thought that the club was going to fold, much like the old Rushden & Diamonds just a few miles down the road.

Thankfully, those who loved that club have been able to create a brand new organisation that represents everything good about modern-day football.

It is run by the fans, for the fans and with the support of the local community that it serves by running numerous youth teams.

If those who scored such a great High Court win this week can emulate what has happened at AFC Rushden & Diamonds then all the heartache, trials, tribulations and tears will have been worth it.

Neil Pickford, Editor