OPINION: Time will tell if service is better

Phil Milligan is stepping down as chief executive of EMAS
Phil Milligan is stepping down as chief executive of EMAS

East Midlands Ambulance Service chief executive Phil Milligan says he believes the service is in a much stronger position than when he joined two years ago.

That is very much open to debate, particularly in this county where the trust has consistently failed to meet response times during Mr Milligan’s tenure.

The ambulance response times in Northamptonshire have been the worst in the region, and remain poor.

To be fair Mr Milligan inherited problems, but it remains to be seen whether he has actually left the service in a better position.

He has overseen a planned reorganisation which will see the closure of some ambulance stations and the introduction of new protocols.

Only after those changes have been made and response times recorded can anyone say that the service is in a better position.

Parking decisions

The single most popular answer when people are asked what would persuade them to do more shopping in their local town is free parking.

Nobody likes paying to park and retailers want local authorities to cut parking fees or remove them altogether to boost trade. Perhaps this is one of the measures needed to regenerate our town centres.

Neil Pickford, Editor