Opinion: The day they have been waiting for

Congratulations to all A-level students, says Yvonne
Congratulations to all A-level students, says Yvonne

This week has seen the day that many young people have been waiting for.

A-level results day.

As these students open their envelopes and read the verdict on their years of work, many of them will feel an irresistible urge to leap into the air (this is a well-documented phenomenon).

And quite right too. If past years are anything to go by there will be some excellent results across the county.

It doesn’t happen by accident.

There are some people of course who appear to sail through their coursework and exams without much effort, but for most it takes time, effort, creativity, discipline, determination and sheer hard work.

And that’s not just the students.

This is a good moment to pay tribute to the teachers who put their energy and intellect into inspiring, leading and sometimes cajoling their students through their course of study.

The best of them bring the talents out of their students and help them to achieve their potential.

A good teacher can make a life-changing difference to a young person by encouraging them to think bigger and expect something new of themselves.

So to everyone who got an A*, or a better mark than they hoped for, or who can look at that results paper and say that they honestly did their best, congratulations.

Yvonne Martin, Deputy Editor