Opinion: Something special about their efforts

There is something special about Special Constables, says Yvonne
There is something special about Special Constables, says Yvonne

Special constables were out on the streets of East Northamptonshire at the weekend to highlight the work they do in their communities and enourage others to join up as specials themselves.

About 90 of them took over all response and operational policing activities during the event, from 6pm on Friday until 4pm on Sunday.

They dealt with all the difficult situations that regular officers do, executing warrants, making arrests, dealing with problems on the roads and burglaries.

And they did it all without pay.

Becoming a special gives people an insight into the career of a police officer but it gives no guarantee that you can become a regular officer.

That’s why I think the commitment of people who give up their time every week to work as specials is so impressive. For the most part the work is largely its own reward.

We often report in this newspaper about people going the extra mile to help others and the work of the specials certainly comes under this category.

And in their case there is the added element of dealing with the sort of challenging situations most of us just don’t come across in daily life.

Yvonne Martin, deputy editor