OPINION: Police commissioner needs more time

PCC Adam Simmonds needs more time, says Neil Pickford
PCC Adam Simmonds needs more time, says Neil Pickford

The vox pop in this week’s Northants Telegraph may hardly be scientific.

But it does seem to confirm the thoughts of the county’s first police and crime commissioner as he marks his first year in the new role.

The five people we spoke to either say it is too early to judge Adam Simmonds and his policies, or they don’t know enough about him and those policies to make a judgement.

And to be fair to Mr Simmonds, in his interview in this week’s Telegraph he fully accepts that these are major challeneges for him.

One year into the job and Mr Simmonds has shown that he has strong opinions on policing, crime and the future for blue light services in Northamptonshire, and is certainly not afraid to share them.

And he says that behind each policy is a desire to ensure that those of us who live, work and play in the county receive a gold standard of policing.

As Mr Simmonds himself said in a tweet this week, if there was an easy answer to solving the causes of crime and crime itself, we would have found it by now.

What he needs to find is a way to help cut crime and to make people feel safe going about their daily business in the county with fewer resources and more pressures on those resources.

Mr Simmonds believes that he can make a difference.

Ultimately, he will be judged by whether we all feel safer, and only time will tell if he achieves that goal.

Neil Pickford, Editor