Opinion: Looking at the broader picture

The news is mixed regarding the latest school league tables
The news is mixed regarding the latest school league tables
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This week we report on how our schools have fared in the league tables and the news is mixed.

The county is below the national average for GCSE attainment but the figures show that we are slowly closing the gap.

So there seems to be room for improvement – but do the statistics tell the whole story?

In our paper today Latimer Arts College headteacher Siobhan Hearne puts forward her opinion that while statistics play a role they may not on their own say enough about the quality of a school for parents to make an informed choice when they make their decisions about where they want their child to be educated.

She makes the point that there is so much more beyond exam results that needs to be considered.

This is very true.

Our schools do a great job with their young people beyond exams, helping them to become valued members of our community.

Look at the youngsters from Rushden Community College who spent two days helping to put together food and home care packs to help vulnerable people in the community.

It certainly adds another dimension to their education and their development as young people.

Yvonne Martin, Deputy Editor