Opinion: Good progress with work to be done

Chief Inspector Adrian Lee will be pleased with the fall in crime, says Neil
Chief Inspector Adrian Lee will be pleased with the fall in crime, says Neil

Recorded crime across the county fell by a massive 13 per cent last year according to figures released by Northamptonshire Police .

And while this is a cause for celebration, there is some other good news when you start digging into the figures and examine how many of the reported crimes are actually being solved.

Getting the number of crimes committed down is clearly very important.

But it is equally important that when a crime is committed, the victim has a reasonable chance of the the perpetrator being caught and punished.

And it is the crimes that are committed against the vast majority of normal, hard-working and law-abiding people that should get the most focus.

So, seeing the number of burglaries, amount of vehicle crime and incidents of criminal damage down is very encouragaing; as is the fact that the number of such offences being solved is rising.

Despite the good news,I have no doubt that the chief constable and the police and crime commissioner will not be resting on their laurels because there is still much work to be done.

Despite the improvements, the police’s failure to solve 85 per cent of burglaries and 90 per cent of car crime has got to be tackled.

We can only truly celebrate when crime figures show consistent drops and the amount of crime solved shows consistent improvements.

Neil Pickford, Editor