OPINION: Chance to do the honourable thing

Organisations in the county should be honest about HS2, says Neil
Organisations in the county should be honest about HS2, says Neil

If the figures revealed by a Freedom of Information request are correct, then this part of Northamptonshire has much to fear from the proposed High Speed 2 rail link.

The request which reveals which areas will lose out if the link is built shows that Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough and East Northamptonshire will be more than £200m worse off.

The rest of Northamptonshire would be in the region of £80m better off, which makes the county a significant overall loser.

This provides a perfect opportunity for those in charge of county policy to show where their real loyalties lie.

Will organisations with the word “Northamptonshire” in their title do the honourable thing and object to this costly project?

If they do not, there is a very real danger that they confirm long-held suspicions that when it comes to a straight choice, the county town and areas to the south get preferential treatment.

The immense amounts of money that would need to be spent to create HS2 could so much better be used to improve our ailing NHS, back smaller scale transport and infrastructure schemes and provide real benefits to the whole county, and not just some parts of it.

The rail scheme has been described as a vanity project.

More importantly, the figures revealed this week, which were conveniently left out of a previous report, show that those behind the scheme have something to hide.

They know there will be losers. Which means it must not happen.

Neil Pickford, Editor