OPINION: Building our future brick by brick

Work is under way at Priors Hall Park
Work is under way at Priors Hall Park

Do the signs of life in the housing market and the start of work on significant housing developments in and around our part of the county mean the economy is moving forward?

Or is this a false dawn and is a recovery based on housing doomed to failure?

The Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has rightly played down any suggestions there is a housing boom, because any boom in prices is almost exclusively in London and the south.

And we all know prices in that market are so super-charged that they say nothing to us about our lives in Northamptonshire.

However, there is more activity in the local housing market and developers in the north of the county, such as those behind Priors Hall Park, are confident enough to start work on some of the major schemes that have been on the books for many years.

The Bank of England says we need to be vigilant on house prices, to avoid what is being called a “housing bubble”.

And while a recovery based solely on housing would clearly be undesirable, some kind of slow recovery in which the housing market plays a key part would be preferable to no recovery at all.

A solid housing market reflects a solid economy.

We just need to make sure that any house building is accompanied by the appropriate investment in public services by both the Government and the developers themselves.

Neil Pickford, Editor