Opinion: Ambulance service has failed us again

EMAS has failed us again, says Neil
EMAS has failed us again, says Neil

Once again this newspaper is forced to highlight the fact that ambulance response times in this region have failed to hit the minimum standards laid down by the Government.

Time and again we have reported that not enough ambulances are getting to the most serious cases in time.

And time after time East Midlands Ambulance Service says it is aware of the issue, is making progress and will get on top of the problem.
Well, I’m afraid that this newspaper has no confidence that this will ever be the case under the current arrangements.

Our regional ambulance service with head offices and call handlers far removed from the locations in which people need help, has failed to deliver.

The hard-pressed and talented medical staff who are manning the emergency vehicles are most certainly not to blame.

They, and we, are victims of developments in the NHS that have made it one of the most disparate and unaccountable organisations in the country.

Far from being a “national” health service, the NHS is now a mind-boggling collection of disparate groups of health service providers and professionals all with their own agenda.

The East Midlands Ambulance Service simply cannot be allowed to go on missing targets time after time.

But you have to wonder whether anyone in any real position of power actually cares about this, or the patients who are being put at risk by its repeated failures.

Neil Pickford, Editor