No easy answers to the obesity problem

There are no easy answers to the obesity problem
There are no easy answers to the obesity problem
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There is an ever-growing problem with people getting larger in this country and the picture here in Northants is not bucking the national trend.

According to the NHS’s latest Health Profile about 17 per cent of Year 6 children in the county are considered to be obese. The figure is even larger in some of our towns.

We all know that carrying too much weight is bad for our health and can cause an array of health problems including diabetes.

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know that weight gain is generally caused by inactivity and an unhealthy diet?

And yet the problem persists.

It’s clearly a much more complicated issue than it might seem.

Yes, people are responsible for their own health and choices but the modern busy lifestyle with easily accessible high calorie food at the end of the day doesn’t help.

There are also many deep-rooted reasons why some people eat too much and make unhealthy choices.

No wonder the county council is looking for answers.

It has acknowledged something different needs to be done to make an impact. Now it has launched a survey to find out what we think can be done to motivate people to get to a healthy weight.

If current trends continue we are heading for a population where the majority are suffering obesity. A strategy that works must be found.

Yvonne Martin, Deputy Editor