Mobile network is next challenge

Cllr Rob McKellar will betrying to secure funding to upgrade the mobile telephone infrastructure serving both Weldon and Gretton
Cllr Rob McKellar will betrying to secure funding to upgrade the mobile telephone infrastructure serving both Weldon and Gretton

The Government funding made available to bring superfast broadband to rural communities means that the villages of Weldon and Gretton, which I represent, will both benefit from a much-needed infrastructure upgrade by September next year. This will help thousands of village residents who currently experience poor broadband speeds.

The next great challenge, how-ever, is to bring mobile network coverage into line with urban areas.

As with broadband, mobile network coverage in parts of Weldon and Gretton falls far below what residents should be able to expect.

Over the coming months I will be lobbying at both central and local government levels to try to secure funding to upgrade the mobile telephone infrastructure serving both Weldon and Gretton.

I hope all those who support the EU right of freedom of movement will appreciate the position of a recent correspondent.

This lady, who has an Eastern European sounding name, has applied for work in Poland but has run into Polish Government barriers.

First she needs an ID number, which is associated with her birth registration and she also needs a registered Polish address.

Obviously she does not have such an address in Poland, she currently lives in Britain.

If she had enough cash she could acquire a Polish address but she needs to be there for three months.

Unfortunately, she is in ‘Catch 22’ because she needs a Polish bank account in the first place which she cannot get because she has no permanent address in Poland.

She does not qualify for any benefits or healthcare in Poland, nor do the Polish authorities provide interpreters or information leaflets.

She is not even allowed to register her right-hand drive car in Poland.

Can anybody please tell me why the Polish authorities are able to clamp down on people seeking to exercise the EU’s guaranteed ‘right of free movement’ but our own Government says it cannot do the same.

So much for the level playing field and why does David Cameron bother to try to revise the European Treaties when the Polish Government has already done so unilaterally?

Put it another way, this is simply an illustration of the bias and double standards employed throughout the EU.

We have an increasing number of speeding drivers, commercial and residential, British and continental.

Along the Weldon/Oakley Road drivers are doing 70-plus miles an hour in a 40mph zone.

Sadly the police no longer have portably camera speed checks like we used to have with teams made up of police and residents which was very successful, the result is it is very dangerous for residents.

We need the police to take this problem more seriously.

While visiting East Carlton Country Park on Wednesday, June 11, deciding to have a coffee at the cafe turned into a nightmare experience.

Walking to an outside bench, a bunch of keys somehow managed to fall out of my trouser pocket as I was walking over a drain cover disappearing into the murkiness below.

The park cafe manager and other volunteer staff did their best to help with the recovery but we soon realised that with a total depth of some 12 feet with the bottom four feet sludge and sediment it was going to be very difficult.

We requested some professional help, the water was pumped out but the sediment could not be moved.

After about five hours we called it a day, keys gone forever!

I would like to thank the park manager Lloyd Baines Davies and other staff members for their heroic efforts.

It is often fraught with ambiguity when using quotes without context but Mr Clark of UKIP (Your View, June 12), in replying to a letter, presents an analysis that is both tedious and vacuous, quite an achievement.

He states: “That the British Empire is no more is not relevant.” This would be laughable if he were not feigning to be a serious politician.

Winston Churchill assumed that the Empire would be our largest market and a source of labour after the war when in actuality independence had a momentum that resulted in its demise.

This was aided by the USA who since Franklin Roosevelt had been commited to dismantling the British Empire.

The EU is a superb substitute. It provides the UK with access to a huge free trade area, an educated and mobile labour market and the clout to negotiate on transnational issues such as climate change.

It is the comparable size of their respective markets that allows the EU and US to contemplate the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) which could be worth £10bn a year to the UK economy.

It is counterfactual history to appropriate any opinion to Winston Churchill when analysis is based on facts of a different era, but he was pragmatic, and in a world of increasing integration and when the advice of the majority of British business is to stay within the EU I prefer to believe he would be pro-Europe.

To quote the great man: “We must build a kind of United States of Europe. In this way only will hundreds of millions of toilers be able to regain the rights,joys and hopes which make life worth living.”

Mr Clark and UKIP represent a crass and simplistic nationalism that will isolate the UK.

The advice from our allies such as the US is to stay engaged.

UKIP represents an insolent strand of British opinion not the majority!

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