Miserable Old Guy has his say

Brian K Mitchell thinks our town centres are scruffier than they used to be
Brian K Mitchell thinks our town centres are scruffier than they used to be

Miserable Old Guy has his say

At 67 years of age, now retired, I have more time to reflect on our society and have become more concerned with issues that affect our lives.

Firstly, the deterioration of our shopping areas. When I was a lad, shopkeepers were proud of their business.

Every mornintg they would sweep and even scrub the area surrounding their shop fronts, removing accumulated litter.

These days pavements outside shops and takeaways are dirty, gum and litter abound and many shop windows are messy and sprayed with liquid.

Perhaps shop managers view their business as “just a job” and that the general appearance is someone else’s responsibility and not theirs.

Just the other day railing painters wearing “Community Payback” tabards were leaning on the said railings and spitting, which now appears to be the vulgarity of choice, replacing raucous belching.

Some comunity payback!

Secondly, motoring. One scenario which captures all aspects of motoring is negotiating the roundabout.

When I was taught to drive, albeit some 50 years ago, when approaching a roundabout you would use only the nearside lane if you were turning immediately left.

If you were going straight on or using any other exit you used the outside lane and signalled your intentions. This way, every other road user kinew at which exit you were going to leave by, and the traffic flowed.

Today roundabouts are a lottery and even the Highway Code does not make it clear, so no wonder there is confusion and any indecision or hesitation is greeted by a tirade of abuse.

As you can imagine, I have opinions on many other issues.

The NHS is in crisis from birth to death.

Where are the police? When did it become acceptable to hang round the streets?

Immigration needs to be controlled.

English football has deteriorated since the Premier League.

Local government is out of touch on issues such as street lights.

Benefits should be a safety net, not a lifestyle.

There is too much use of agency workers by employers.

Why should I pay tax at a time of life when I cannot afford to, having been encouraged to take out a pension during my working life in the past, to which I was offered tax relief.

Are we now a society where nobody really cares? With no job security for the employed and an unsure and unpredictable future for our children.

With a population fearful of old age, this is not the way I want to live out the rest of my life.

Or am I really just a MOG?

In last week’s Telegraph a report about the police mentioned the roles of chief constable, assistant chief constable, chief officer and head of corporate services.

Can we be absolutely certain that each of these people are performing necessary duties of a distinct nature from each other, with no possibility of amalgamation?

I can’t believe that all these assistant posts even existed when I was young.

All these posts are, of course in addition to that of the police and crime commissioner.

May I thank the three members of the public who helped me with my mobile scooter When the battery ran out in Avenue Road after the Rushden Cavalcade.

Their help and kindness was overwhelming in the unfortunate situation. I will be forever grateful for their assistance.

Looking at the media there seems to be a lot of column centimetres being used up about the so-called fourth party involved, UKIP.

Let’s look at UKIP, it is a right of right party, believing they are going to change the nation politically. They are for withdrawal from the European Union.

Now I am certain that the majority of people eligible to vote in the MEP elections are employed in one capacity or another, held by a contract of employment and subject to employment protection and health and safety legislation.

Be warned! Pulling out of the European Union would leave employment and safety legislation weaker and also leave the door open for employers to further weaken any protection employed people have.

The Tories are doing their utmost now to make things easier for employers to get more for less from their employees; taking us out of the EU would just make it worse.

What about the present UKIP MEPs?

They are against the EU, do not take part in parliamentary sessions or committees, therefore assisting in the democratic process of the European Parliament, but are happy to sign in to the parliamentary buildings, show their faces around the corridors and then it is off to one of the many excellent café bars on Luxemburgplein outside the parliament building and taking the money available.

Let’s now look at the UKIP councillors on local authorities already around the country.

They are such a cobbled together group of non-entities, without policies or ideas, that they have had absolutely no bearing on creating policy within the areas that they serve.

Like their EU colleagues, a number of them do not take part in committee business or business in the council chambers.

Please, if you are employed, unemployed, retired or about to leave further education, think about what you are doing if you have planned to vote UKIP.

Success for UKIP will lead to the weakening of worker rights, social and welfare rights and gains made over the years, job losses and chaos within local authorities administration.

UKIP in any form of power would make the Tories look like caring people.

Please think about the above and remember that the Tories only think about their own.

The Limp-Dims don’t know what day of the week it is, and that there is only one party that works for the general public and that is Labour.

Please use your vote on Thursday and vote sensibly.

To those who do vote UKIP I have to say: “Forgive them, they know not what they do”.

I am surprised that the AFC Rushden & Diamonds fixtures have not been played on pitch two at Nene Park instead of in Wellingborough.

The bar and toilet facilities could be available and the extensive car park would be far easier for visiting supporters and much safer than what is available at the Doughboys ground.

This would have helped keep the focus on Nene Park, which was home to Rushden and Diamonds.

We cannot lose this excellent facility and football should return to Nene Park in some capacity.

I was very pleased to read in the Telegraph that the chief executive of Kettering General Hospital promises to drive up standards.

He should start with patients’ experience of wards. The care in some wards leaves much to be desired. In fact, “care” is the wrong word.

My sister was in hospital for three weeks and I visited every evening and saw first-hand how patients were treated.

I spoke to the other patients in the ward and all said: “Don’t say anything, you’ll only make it worse.”

When my sister was moved to another ward the care was no different.

I did notice in the first ward that there were only care assistants. In the scond ward there were nurses in blue uniforms.

My experience is not unusual.

Many people say they dread going into hospital, especially if it was the ward I visited.