Make sure roads are clean all year

Make sure roads are clean all year, not just for the Women's Tour, says Kevin O'Brien
Make sure roads are clean all year, not just for the Women's Tour, says Kevin O'Brien

How fantastic it is that the first Women’s Tour of Cycling is coming through our region!

Eight different nations, four Olympic champions, one road cleaner.

Sorry, one what?

A road cleaner?

For three years now, Desborough residents have put up with mud on the road on a daily basis from works on the Trout Farm development in Rushton Road.

It is impossible on most days to walk or drive along this road without becoming mud-splattered.

Locally, it is possible to wash a car three times a week and still have it dirty the next day.

Trucks drop their mud all along the road in both directions, damaging the kerbside, creating more potholes, and Kettering Council say that’s OK.

Residents in Rushton Road and Dunkirk Avenue have had enough.

So, a message to Kettering Council.

Please ensure that the cycle route on May 8 is exactly as it is for residents on a daily basis so the television cameras can see just what our local services are like.

Any cleaning or road repairs in the days leading to the race will be an admission of guilt to Desborough residents that you can keep the road clean, but only for Olympians rather than council tax payers.

Think where that may leave you come election day!



We have to stop centres closing

Money being made available from central Government must be increased and ring-fenced to keep the 68 places at women’s refuges in the county.

Three refuges is not a lot for abused and frightened women in this area.

The reality is they need services that offer highly trained social workers supporting them and their children to cope and make new lives.

The local children’s centre is not the best location for children to be placed when they are a pawn in the relationship.

The father can find them and scare them or, worse, abduct them.

The secret locations of refuges are so so important when a woman is being threatened, and believe me they do get threatened with murder – not just of them but the children too.

I know of someone whose now ex-husband threatened her and called the two children, both under six years old, to “come down stairs and watch me kill your mum”.

He was a mad man, but was able to find her wherever she was placed.

In the end she moved out of county. He never found her, but the children were afraid always for their mum.

Even as they became older they did not trust any man.

Over 60 refuges around the country face closure. This is a national disgrace as it’s important to be able to source an out-of -county placement sometimes.

They have to work together, with media support, to become a stronger voice to David Cameron, who must listen and stop sending aid abroad in such large amounts when we have such dire issues in our own country.

I wish I knew how to help them. I feel helpless and unheard as an outsider just seeing the story emerge on the news.

Don’t wait for deaths to occur and more traumatised children suffering. Please make the Government listen.



Take a look at the litter problem

Drive down Weldon Road from the A43 down the Oakley Road, via the roundabout at the bottom of George Street, carrying on to the A6003 at Oakley roundabout then on to Kettering down to Rockingham Road.

Look and notice the difference in rubbish on the sides of the road on grass and bushes.

And also look how many people you see litter picking.



Loud explosions are a mystery

Every day now for months we can hear loud explosions every few moments.

They start about dawn. The time between noises varies and some are louder than others.

Nobody knows what it is. Can anyone throw any light on this please?

It’s upsetting dogs who are barking in the early hours and frightend when they are out walking.

We thought it was crop scarers but it’s far too regular for that. We thought railway workings but it’s too regular for that.

I’m not alone; all the neighbours can hear it and people in Pytchly Road as well, and so far no idea. We estimate this started about last October it may even be longer than that.


By email

Beat path to door of the new group

Readers will be interested to hear that Waterloo Drummers and Performing Arts, a voluntary youth and community group which started in Irthlingborough five years ago, is opening a new branch in Rushden to be based at the Pemberton Centre in H E Bates Way, Rushden.

The Rushden group starts at 6pm on Wednesday, April 9, and membership is open to young people aged from eight to 18, plus adults.

We have a marching band of drums, bell lyres and concert flutes, as well as a dance troupe and a colour guard – the visual interpretation of music using flags and other equipment.

We also do drama and put on an annual Christmas show.

All training and equipment is provided on loan, so this is a wonderful opportunity for the young and not so young to learn to play a musical instrument and/or learn to dance and act.

We also provide uniforms and costumes plus loads of fun and membership offers the chance to march in parades, appear on stage, meet new friends and to travel.

Waterloo Drummers and Performing Arts is also affiliated to the Royal British Legion and Navy Training Corps.

Our Irthlingborough group meets at Huxlow Science College in Finedon Road, Irthlingborough, from 6pm on Monday evenings.

Further information about both groups is available on 01933 412099 or by sending an email to and our website is


Waterloo Drummers and Performing Arts

Where do I find the extra money?

Due to the Government’s cuts to Wellingborough Council, I and many others have had our council tax hiked by more than 100 per cent. In my own instance my charge has gone from £8 per month to £19 per month, a rise of 137 per cent.

So much for the Chancellor’s claim to have frozen council tax.

As I am on fixed income with my benefit rate frozen, where do I find the extra £11 on top of the £56 bedroom tax which is being deducted from my housing benefit?

Income support, which the law states is the minimum you need to live on, does not include housing costs, but as a result of the Government’s policies, for the past year I’ve had to pay housing costs of £64 per month, now rising to £75 per month, all of which must come from my income support.



Poor parkers get away with it

After reading your article in Higham Ferrers, you might want to highlight the bad and dangerous parking in Wellingborough.

The town has a free parking policy and it seems that you can park on paths, on double yellow lines, loading bays and disability areas, in fact anywhere with no traffic wardens in sight.

This is the only town in Northamptonshire where the council turns a blind eye.



Proof that they’re all in it together

Again we see proof of the deceit of the two main political parties working hand in glove creating the illusion we are a democratic society and have a choice.

George Osborne, while attending a football match with Ed Balls, looked after Balls’ son for half an hour while Balls went on radio and tore Osborne’s policies to bits.

These minority of fraudulent, arrogant people who control the rest of us need booting out. The smoke and mirrors must come to an end so that we can reclaim our lives.

I know UKIP are a risk but it’s better the devil we know.

People like ourselves who live and think and act as we do, transparent people we can trust.

Never was a saying more true than “the devil is in the detail”.

The Budget promises soundbite giveaways that headline great benefits for the working class, while in the detail and behind closed doors they both plan to keep us ignorant of their intentions and plans for their future, not ours.

Wake up Britain! Stop voting for your class and start looking at the policies, ask yourself: “What do we need?”

Not what will we put up with?