Make a difference this weekend

This Saturday is Small Business Saturday
This Saturday is Small Business Saturday

We had Black Friday last week, when British retailers tried to copy an American retail tradition and offer shopper bargains in the hope of enticing them into their stores to spend more on other high value items.

Then, three days ago, we had Cyber Monday, which we are told is the biggest single day for internet Christmas gift shopping in the United Kingdom, according to credit card firms and internet shopping sites, which clearly have a vested interest in promoting such a day.

But this weekend we have national Small Business Saturday, on which you can make a difference to your town.

Small Business Saturday is a new addition to the calendar, but is designed to promote all kinds of small businesses, not least the small independent retailers who rely on your trade to survive in the face of competition from major chains.

Yes, we all shop online from time to time, and most of us use out-of-town retail parks.

We cannot put the genie back in the bottle and pretend we can return to the times when we all shopped local for everything – but we can do our bit to support local shops and businesses.

So, this weekend, there is no excuse, and we make no apologies for banging the drum for our towns.

Support your own town by shopping local.

The amount of business done at this time of year could be the difference between success or failure for our local shops.

Neil Pickford, Editor