Letters: We should copy the Germans

We can learn from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, says Adrian Lake-Muller
We can learn from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, says Adrian Lake-Muller

I have been watching the news with interest as this Government continues to plough on regardless without any idea of the consequences of their actions.

For instance, their present attack on the unions about their voting and the number of people who actually took part.

They should be very careful on that score as they have to remember they are a Government coalition made up of two parties who don’t have that many votes from an election that had a historically low turn out.

You are probably looking at a Government who really don’t have any right to govern and make decisions about our lives and doing a bad job of it, making us a world-wide laughing stock when it comes to our once proud and untouchable Royal Navy.

We are now looked at as fools in Europe.

Add to this, thanks to our Prime Minister, America actually does now believe the Second World War started on December 7, 1942, after he thanked them for letting us help them win that most terrible of wars.

For those things alone he should have done the right thing and resigned but that would have taken some backbone and nobody can accuse our Government of having one of those.

Back to their present attack on unions.

They claim it is the only way to get Britain back on its feet and yet far more successful countries such as Germany don’t attack their unions but work with them.

This has seen Germany grow and ride out the downturn so the Germans are still enjoying a far better standard of living than us.

So why don’t we have a real sea change and try working with the working people of the country?
You know, the people who actually do the jobs, not those who sit in their ivory towers.

You never know, working together might actually work and we might just improve things.

Why oh why can’t children be allowed to look forward to an event that is supposed to happen when they are 21, not when they are four or five?

It saddens me that children are being forced to take part in ceremonies that they don’t understand because they are not meant to happen until they are older.

Apart from your article last week, I recently saw a photo of a child “graduating from reception class” dressed in that way.

Recently, two work colleagues, very proudly, went to their daughters’ graduation ceremonies after they had attained excellent grades in their degrees.

Doing the same at such a young age takes away from those young ladies the hard work they had to put in to get those degrees.

Please let’s have some sense and allow children to be children.

It was interesting to hear from our newly elected UKIP representative Margot Parker.

It was just a shame it was an example of negative and self-indulgent political posturing.

The EU flag and anthem do not represent sovereignty. The various symbols are for unity and shared values.

It was the European Enlightenment that redefined the ancient creed of Cosmopolitanism in order to provide the modern world with its philosophical grounding.

It was the inspiration when creating the EU and of other organisations such as the United Nations.

Without it international law, global justice, and human rights legislation would be unthinkable.

It is a legacy worth preserving.

UKIP is an example of a naïve narcissistic nationalism that belongs to the past.

It seeks to exploit people’s fears about immigration so that the electorate do not notice the right-wing drivel in its manifesto.

I was concerned that by having a referendum this country would leave the EU without realising the consequences but when I read letters from opponents like Margot Parker I am reassured because in a democracy crass and infantile policies can be challenged and exposed for what they are. Bring it on!

I would like to point your readers to Government legislation regarding Ireland’s relationship with the UK.

“It is hereby declared that, notwithstanding that the Republic of Ireland is not part of His Majesty’s dominions, the Republic of Ireland is not a foreign country for the purposes of any law in force in any part of the United Kingdom or in any colony, protectorate or United Kingdom trust territory, whether by virtue of a rule of law or of an Act of Parliament or any other enactment or instrument whatsoever, whether passed or made before or after the passing of this Act, and references in any Act of Parliament, other enactment or instrument whatsoever, whether passed or made before or after the passing of this Act, to foreigners, aliens, foreign countries, and foreign or foreign-built ships or aircraft shall be construed accordingly.”

If this applies Ireland what then for Scotland?

I can no longer believe that Clegg, Miliband and Cameron are running our country, that these three are responsible for keeping the ship steady and on course.

If they were collectively morphed into one human being I don’t think they could run a charity shop.

The “Prime” minister has shamed Britain in the eyes of the world, shows belligerent stubbornness which implies this nation is of the same impression.

Then there’s Clegg who sits like a student trying to gain some sort of grasp as to how Parliament works.

And of course the schoolboy Miliband.

His brother David was the obvious choice to deal with Cameron and unless some fancy footwork takes place in the coming months Miliband even with his union support will gift the next election to the Tories.

The only hope the voter has of getting any sort of a logical sane result is Farage.

It’s Nigel or nothing!

The peaceful natural surroundings of Fineshade Woods, with its rare and ancient plants and wildlife, will be destroyed for ever if a plan by the people supposed to be protecting it – The Forestry Commission – is allowed to go ahead.

The woods are part of Rockingham Forest, up until now a protected area of Northamptonshire.

In partnership with commercial holiday firm Forest Holidays, the commission has asked the local planning committee East Northants Council for consent to build 70 log cabins with 189 car park spaces across 96 acres of the natural woodland between Corby and Stamford.

Cars and service lorries will travel across two miles of new roads, deep into the woods, bringing noisy activity all round the clock and causing light pollution at night to the wild animals and birds.

The hundreds of extra vehicle movements, day and night, will bring extra safety risks to the already hazardous junction of the narrow Top Lodge lane with the main A43 Corby road.

The full application can be viewed at www.east-northamptonshire.gov.uk.

This is a very detailed application and all the documents and plans run to many hundreds of pages.

Implications include 70 cabins in 96 acres of public land of Fineshade Wood, for all-year round use, in sizes some as large as for eight people; two miles of new vehicle tracks; parking spaces for 189 cars; this part of the public forest estate will be leased out for 125 years; miles of new road through the forest from the existing car park; up to 60 vehicles per hour to be added those already using the A43 junction and lane.

Only a “preliminary ecological report” has been submitted, there is no environmental assessment or basis for onward monitoring.

Many notable and protected species of reptiles and birds will be) at risk. A partial botanical survey revealed 45 “worthy plant species” and 22 Ancient Woodland indicators.

Some 60 mature trees will be removed to make way for roads and building construction and noise during works is likely to disrupt wildlife and breeding patterns or more information about responding to this planning application, or to be kept informed of further developments please send an email to fineshade.wood@zen.co.uk.

Comments can be emailed to planning@east-northamptonshire.gov.uk or online at www.east-northamptonshire.gov.uk/planningapplications or by letter to Planning comments, East Northants Council, Cedar Drive, Thrapston, NN14 4LZ.

It was fantastic to read about the £3.2m cash injection given to Northamptonshire by the Prime Minister to help fix potholes in the county.

Some people might think an uneven road is simply a minor distraction, but the Government knows fixing these blights is essential to their long-term economic plan for the country.

We need first-class infrastructure in Corby and East Northamptonshire to attract the best jobs and businesses and to create an even better future for our communities.

In particular, through my Listening Campaign, concerns have recently been raised with me in Corby about Kingsthorpe Avenue, Rockingham Road and about streets in Lodge Park, as well as parts of Beanfield.

East Northants streets also have problems with potholes.

I will be lobbying hard to ensure Northamptonshire County Council channels a significant part of this new funding to these areas, as well as others in need in Corby and East Northants – I would urge readers living in the constituency to let me know of any concerns that they have as part of my Listening Campaign.