Letters: We foot the bill for NHS, so why can’t we get treated?

Linda Boot is concerned that she cannot get podiatrist treatment for her daughter on the NHS
Linda Boot is concerned that she cannot get podiatrist treatment for her daughter on the NHS

Six years ago my daughter had an ingrowing toenail that needed removing.

We went to the doctor and she refered us to the podiatrist.

And she had one side removed.There were no more problems until August this year when the other side started to dig in, so we went back to the doctor, who looked at her toe, which was now badly infected.

After having two lots of anti biotics, we were told sorry, but if she needs it treating she will have to go private.

My daughter is on Employment and Support Allowance and my partner is on pension credit.

At £1 per minute, how can we afford to have her treated?

Is this the way our NHS is heading?

I thought this is what our National Insurance paid for.

At the time of writing my daughter’s toe is full of puss and bleeding, and she also has a temperature.

If it continues I will send for an ambulance which in turn will end up costing the NHS more.

I read that our local sugery has had to make cuts, but it’s just an infected toe.

I blame this Government for this and I am not going to allow my daughter to be a victim of these cuts.



Village will not be swallowed up

As is usual with comments made by Cllr Rob McKellar against Corby Council, there are rather more facts to an issue than those which he chooses to submit to the public.

While Mr McKellar chose to submit a motion to Corby Council to limit outward development in Weldon only Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors on the council thought there was a need to look at the wider borough and decided to implement proposals that would limit such development in all the villages in the borough of Corby.

As to his specific issue with planning permission in Corby Road, Weldon and his assertion that Weldon would be “swallowed up” by Corby, perhaps a look at the historical record is required.

In 2007 Corby Council refused planning for 31 houses in Corby Road, Weldon.

The applicant appealed to the Planning Inspectorate who held a hearing in October 2007.

This hearing overturned the refusal by Corby Council and allowed the development.

Of note in the decision by the inspector Philip Goodwin is the comment: “I note that the site lies within the defined limits of the village…and not in the surrounding countryside.”

Therefore the implication by Mr McKellar that, by releasing council interests in the land concerned, the council has somehow allowed Weldon to be “swallowed up” would seem somewhat disingenuous.

Corby Council originally refused the application, the Planning Inspectorate allowed it to go ahead.

There will be six affordable properties on the scheme for qualifying local residents and contributions to highways, play provisions and a pubic open space.

There will also be a contribution to education but the inspector could not take an informed view on the secondary education aspect as Northamptonshire County Council did not provide full documentation.

Corby Council as a whole has a policy to protect ALL our villages, not just the narrow view that only Weldon needs protection.

However, if the council refuses planning and national government overturns it there is little the council can do but comply.

This is true of housing as well as other applications such as the refusal to double the size of the radioactive waste site at Kings Cliffe, Northamptonshire, which Conservative minister Eric Pickles quickly overturned against the wishes of local residents.



Treat comments with caution

Once again Councillor Rob McKellar is selective with his facts in relation to the proposed housing development on Corby Road, Weldon.

He knows full well that this development would have gone ahead irrespective of whether Corby Council released its interest in the land.

Not to do so would simply have cost the council money.

Money that can be used to provide services elsewhere.

The people of Weldon will continue to enjoy the benefits of Corby’s Labour-led regeneration, including housing for their families and future generations.

I would urge the good folk of Weldon to treat Cllr McKellar’s utterances with the utmost caution.


Lead member for housing
Corby Council

Some justice for zero hours staff

At last some justice for people desperate for work who are effectively forced to sign-up for zero-hours contracts.

The courts have decided against the explotation of “employees”, by denying them sick pay and paid holiday.

Please publish this information to let these vunerable poeple. and their employers know they do have these essential rights.



Our mistake took Neil’s joy away

For the 30 years I have been in this world I have wanted nothing more than to be featured in the Corby Telegraph.

But despite coming first in the sack race at Rockingham Primary School in 1992, touching the deep end at the swimming pool when I was just seven years old and once going down the feared “Devil’s toenail”, backwards, in a shopping trolley, I have somehow evaded the roving eye of the Telegraph.

You can imagine my happiness then when on Sunday I was told by my sister that I had (finally) appeared in the Telegraph, after a comment I made regarding Boris Johnson’s visit on your Facebook page.

However, as Tyrion Lannister once warned Cersei in Game of Thrones, my joy “turned to ashes” in my mouth when I realised that you had mistakenly placed my picture above the wrong quote.

Anger, sadness, despair and pain, were only a handful of the emotions I felt that day, but I know you are good people and would never have meant to hurt me, forgiveness though is the first step to recover from something like this so fear not, there will be no repercussions.

I just wanted to point out your error, in the hope that another innocent Muggle’s dreams of the Telegraph spotlight finally resting on them, will not come with a side of disappointment.

I would gladly accept this letter being printed as an apology and a sign of your humility.


By email

We could do with Guy Fawkes here

Re. the letter from Diane Mills of Kettering regarding Guy Fawkes.

We in Canada feel the same.

Here we have an elected dictatorship. It doesn’t matter what or who you know, they know better than the people who elected them, ie the taxpayers.

Diane, please forward Guy over here so we can do the same thing.


By email

There is still a big division in world

Red poppies and white poppies too, for all our opponents and women and children killed and injured in war.

These days have been an opportunity for reflection.

At this time Germany has been remembering that the Berlin Wall was pulled down.

But now in Israel a wall that is twice as high and several times as long still stands for the oppression of the Palestinians.

That this wall is also pulled down would begin to right the wrongs the United Nations have documented. As long as oppression and injustice exists there will be conflict and violence.

Nations can refuse to fight unjustifiable wars, as the Russians did in 1917, but the United Nations also represents a way to address oppression, injustice and violence.

And like democracy itself, it’s imperfect but no one has offerred a viable alternative.



Why was anthem not played?

Some friends and I were at the remembrance service in Corby village last Sunday. It was a great turnout, very emotional.

What concerned us was that there was no National Anthem or Lord’s Prayer at the end of a very moving service.

We were wondering was this an oversight or some form of politically correct appeasement?



Lucky there was no emergency

On early Monday evening the Geddington Road in Corby was closed to all traffic stopping access to Stanion Lane and The Grove without any notification to residents.

I do not know who is responsible, but is it is a good job we did not need to go to the hospital.



Boris knows nothing about parking

What does Boris Johnson know about parking charges here?

The answer is nothing!

People in Kettering and Northampton drool over the very cheap and reasonable charges for car parking in Corby which explain Corby’s retail success story.

Those of us who live near a town centre then have expensive residents’ only parking schemes to protect us from drivers avoiding sky high parking charges.

What does Boris Johnson know about promoting a Conservative parliamentary hopeful?

Probably a lot!

So why is he silent about the parking charges in Kettering?

Perhaps because Conservative Kettering borough councillor Philip Hollobone MP is part of the group that sets parking charges here!


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