Letters: We are putting victims of crime first

Adam Simmonds says Northants Police are putting victims first
Adam Simmonds says Northants Police are putting victims first

I wanted to take a moment to tell your readers about a new service available for victims and witnesses of crime in Northamptonshire.

Voice replaced the traditional Victim Support service on October 1, and sees an increased level of support available for people who have been a victim or witness of a crime.

Anyone who has been a victim or witness of a crime in Northamptonshire is able to access Voice, with different levels of support available.

These include a full needs assessment, telephone and face-to-face support, a dedicated helpline for victims of violence and abuse, specialist counselling and therapy for victims and their families affected by serious and fatal road traffic collisions and help and support through police investigations and court processes.

As well as assistance for victims and witnesses of crime, there is also help available for people who are persistently targeted by anti-social behaviour.

Putting victims at the heart of the criminal justice system has been the driving force of my time as PCC and I believe this service will improve provision in Northamptonshire.

This is about putting victims at the centre of what we do and not leaving them on the sidelines.

The impact of being a victim of crime cannot be underestimated and it is essential people are able to access the help they need.

Victims and witnesses are referred to the service via Northamptonshire Police but can also make direct contact by calling 0300 303 1956.

Also please visit www.voicenorthants.org where more information is available.


Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner

We will stop rural development

I was incredibly disappointed that the Labour and Liberal Democrat groups on Corby Council both voted to release the council’s interests in land in Corby Road, Weldon.

Their actions mean that a 31-dwelling development, which already has planning permission, can now go ahead.

Only the Conservatives voted against the measure to protect the people of Weldon from more unwanted urbanisation of their village.

While Labour continues to control the council, Weldon will remain at risk of urban swallow-up.

The only way to save Weldon from over-development is to vote Conservative in May next year.


Weldon and Gretton Ward

Corby Council

Branson’s flights are waste of time

I have never been impressed by Richard Branson’s toys.

His balloon flights and sea journeys for his very wealthy friends and sponsors.

The fact his galactic rocket ship has just blown up bothers me not one jot.

Passengers would only ever be the mega wealthy vain shallow people, and as long as he keeps the flights for the wealthy with money to burn, I will be well pleased.

It’s a shame he has to sacrifice good people to get him and his friends jollies, and as long as he is paying the costs for his ridiculous flights into space it will not affect the ordinary man or woman one iota.

Like the space programme in general, it is a total waste of money while the world starves.



Let public bodies provide services

Do you remember why the Army had to help out with the London 2012 Olympics?

Until the police have completed their investigations into G4S allegedly fraudulently charging the Home Office for electronically tagging the dead or already detained G4S should have no new contracts for any public services whatsoever including mental health residential provision for young people in Wellingborough or anywhere else.

Instead, the public authorities should run services not for profit. We could call these providers the National Health Service or the county council.



Mind-boggling wind power costs

I have revealed a whole new category of costs after finding out the National Air Traffic Service (NATS) is spending substantial sums to enable its radars to cope with the adverse impact of wind turbines. These radars are essential in order to keep commercial planes on course.

These latest findings are mind-boggling. As turbines have this effect on radar systems it means all wind turbine planning applications have to go to the National Air Transport Service (NATS) for approval.

But what I didn’t realise, until recently, was NATS has been funding a major programme of up-grades to equipment, designed to enable it to operate more effectively in the face of interference from wind turbines.

The first phase of this programme is costing £14m. I shall be writing to NATS to ask for its best estimate of the total cost of the programme.

It says: “We have poured a huge amount of our own resources into working with the industry on mitigation.

“We don’t have to do this, it is over and above our core role as an Air Navigation Service Provider but we do so in the spirit of supporting the UK’s renewables targets.”

NATS is funded by levies on the airline industry so the man in the street is paying for these upgrades, either as a passenger or customer of goods transported by air.

And it’s being done explicitly to enable more wind turbine applications to be approved!

The costs and the waste involved in the wind industry are mind-boggling. All in pursuit of climate policies which are hugely open to question.

In primitive and historic communities they conducted human sacrifices to appease the weather gods and to ensure good harvests. Our modern climate policies are equally absurd and ineffectual.

But I suppose we should be grateful that in these modern times all we are sacrificing is wealth and prosperity.


UKIP MEP for the East Midlands and party spokesman on energy

Calls to tackle all the tax-dodgers

For some time we have been hearing about the cost of tax dodging in Britain and elsewhere.

I understand that we and other countries are losing billions of pounds through it, which could have been spent on health and education.

People in Corby and elsewhere believe that our MP, councillors and Government should be making a commitment to tackle tax dodging before the next election.

More information can be found online.



Stamps can help fund Guide Dogs

I am appealing for used postage stamps which help me raise funds which I then donate to the Guide Dogs for the Blind.

In the past year I raised £1,100 from stamp donations.

Recycling used postage stamps is such an easy way to raise money for charity and I am always in need of all types of postage stamps, including British, Foreign and Christmas stamps.

I would be grateful if you could cut the stamps from their envelopes (leaving a 1cm margin around the stamp) and send them to the address below.


PO Box 91, Virginia Water,
Surrey, GU25 9AR