Letters: This is why people drink and drive

Mike McLaren says people sometimes drink and drive because of the difficuties of gettings taxis late at night
Mike McLaren says people sometimes drink and drive because of the difficuties of gettings taxis late at night

Regarding the drink-drive campaign in Kettering and Northamptonshire.

I tried to book a taxi with a company in the town and was informed that they would not take bookings for 1.30am on New Year’s Day.

I was told I should just phone up half an hour before I required one. When I asked if that would get me a taxi, I was told yes.

Upon calling for a taxi at about 1.15am I was told it would be after 2am before I could get one.

Because we had been told we would be able to get a taxi home, three of us who would normally stay sober to drive home had been drinking.

Another friend did double trips to get us home, while some of us walked.

Next time I will stay able to drive and not rely on a taxi.

And to the police I say, this is one reason why people drink and drive.


By email

Control those who sell booze

We need better control of drinking establishments.

The strain on our hospital, ambulance and police service has been very stressful, all because of the incompetent last Labour Government who introduced 24-hour drinking knowing that the Brits are the worse drinkers in Europe.

Go to Tenerife, or your local drinking area in Northampton, Kettering, Corby and Wellingborough town centres.

They are not safe, with fighting and such like. We see bottles, cans and rubbish dumped in our lane in the early hours.

We need to stop this and save money, support our hospitals, ambulance and police, and also reduce our rates by introducing a ban on drinking in all establishments after midnight.


By email

Court decision is another blow

The decision by the European Court of Justice that Britain must recognise residence permits from any EU member state strikes another blow against the UK’s power to control its borders.

The court ruled that where non-EU nationals hold a residence permit as a family member of a citizen of an EU member state, the UK cannot require them to apply for a visa to enter Britain.

This means Britain will be forced to recognise residence permits issued by any EU member state, even though the system of permits is wide open to abuse and fraud.

This ruling extends the so-called “right to free movement” to millions of people from anywhere in the world who don’t have citizenship of any country of the EU and will have an effect on the people of the East Midlands and beyond.

Britain will now be forced to recognise residence permits issued by any EU member state, even though the system of permits is wide open to abuse and fraud.

This is yet another blow to our right to govern ourselves and another example why we would be better off out.


UKIP MEPs for the East Midlands

This year will be a life-changer

This year of 2015 promises to be a life-changer for us all.

Immigrants will be made scapegoats for political gain, war atrocities will be ignored, and every dirty trick in the book will be used along with hideous new ones to either gain or keep power.

The real damage however will be done by those who sit back and do nothing, they have opinions but act on nothing.

Armchair impotent critics.

Meanwhile a vicious battle is taking shape in the media, now the new killing fields for politics while the MPs wander aimlessly bombing the weekly paper and appearing to be earning their grand a week.

Leaving the speeches to spin doctors and ghost writers.

The scenarios are frightening, one of them is Labour winning the election but with a small majority backed up by Alex Salmond’s SNP, who as we all know wants out of Britain and hates Parliament.

The potential for financial disaster looms, the only one left to trust is Farage.

UKIP is an unknown quantity but could unexpectedly surprise us all.

There is only one economic pie and as long as he listens to advice and remembers his history lessons and cuts the pie correctly he could be Britain’s saviour in 2015.



How many more will need to die?

How many more people are going to have to die before something is totally changed on the A6 road between Finedon and Kettering?

Although there are red hatched lines in the centre of the road, nobody takes any notice and people still overtake constantly.

I don’t know if it’s illegal to go on these lines to overtake, but if it is, no-one pays any attention to that.

It’s about time something properly was done to improve this road.


By email

Rushden Lakes is white elephant

As a long-time opponent to the Rushden Lakes development as a white elephant, should I now derive some satisfaction to find that shoppers are deserting such out-of-town sites in droves in favour of the high street?



NSPCC thanks you for suppport

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of your readers who have supported the work of the NSPCC during the past year.

Without the backing of the local Northamptonshire people the NSPCC would not be able to help abused children rebuild their lives, or be there for parents who desperately need advice and support.

As we move into 2015 I would like to appeal to your readers to make a very special kind of New Year’s resolution for the NSPCC.

Just One Day is a call for people to come forward and volunteer some time to support our work – even if people can only spare one day, it will be a massive help.

There are many different ways that people can volunteer their time including holding a local fundraising event, helping at one of our events, or becoming an NSPCC ChildLine Schools Service volunteer.

Abuse ruins childhood, but it can be prevented.

That’s why the NSPCC is here.

That’s what drives our work, and that’s why – as long as there’s abuse – the NSPCC will fight for every childhood.

Please join us in the fight for every childhood by volunteering some time to support the NSPCC, whether you can spare a day a week or just one day.

To find out more call The Midlands local Fundraising Office on 0844 8920217; email midlandsappeals@nspcc.org.uk or log on to nspcc.org.uk/volunteer.


Head of fundraising

NSPCC Midlands

Help is available to people in need of support

A few old Rushden charities were brought together by the Charity Commission in 1877 to form a combined charity called the Rushden Parochial Charities.

Since then, it has helped generations of Rushden residents at times of particular need by using some of its income for certain purposes, as defined in the scheme that set up the charity.

These include: “The benefit of deserving inhabitants of the Parish of Rushden by providing them with clothes, bedding, fuel, medical or other aid in sickness, food or other articles in kind, or with pecuniary aid in special cases. Or in providing evening classes or lectures for young persons of the poorer inhabitants.”

Recently, this has been done by the charity paying for particular items for people in need, such as a bed or a washing machine. Any person or organisation seeking a grant for a resident of Rushden should, in the first instance, contact the Town Clerk Vivienne Prodger at the town council offices on 01933 316216 or by email to clerk@rushdentowncouncil.gov.uk so that a short application form can be completed.

Although the trustees meet only twice a year, they can make decisions on applications between meetings, and aim to respond to applications promptly.


Whitefriars Church in Rushden and a trustee of Rushden Parochial Charities