Letters: Independence for Corby!

Independence for Corby, says Adrian Lake-Muller
Independence for Corby, says Adrian Lake-Muller
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I am writing this because Northamptonshire County Council is voting on putting the lives of Corby people at risk.

You might say that’s a bit rough, but it isn’t while the county council spends £53m on new offices for itself.

That’s without the indulgences such as vast sums they give to the Derngate.

And they tell us they have no money for the fire services in Corby.

This mess is just the latest in a history of them treating Corby as something they would wipe off the sole of their shoe.

Frankly, the people of Corby are fed up with it. Whoever did the last census couldn’t count and certainly didn’t think anyone would notice, because they seemed to think that we only grow by just over 3,000 people – and yet we appeared to have built 12,500 homes.

No mattter how you cut it, Corby has grown by more than 3,000 people, well above the figure they have as our population.

I like to think that the actual figure is maybe 72,000 to 82,000 – but as we know that is growing all the time.

If I thought for one minute that the figures in the next census would be any more accurate I would say let’s wait and see what the next one says,but I doubt it will be.

Therefore, I suggest that the people of Corby decide that we let it be known that we want out and away from Northamptonshire County Council and that we want to control our own police, fire and health services.

We would have councillors and independent auditors to keep an eye on things for the general public.

And they would give a report for all to read.

I’ll finish now and just say this: Independence for Corby.


By email

Disabled people getting raw deal

I would like to offer UKIP support to Anthony Tierney regarding the proposed changes to disabled parking at Corby Railway Station.

Surely the priority for the local council should be more facilities, not less, in the event that there is to be more expansion at the railway station.

It is diabolical that disabled people should be targeted simply to balance the books of big business. These are the very people that helped to build Corby town and should be shown some respect and consideration. A few disabled parking places is not going to be noticed in the books of parkland.

Mr Tierney is right, the council should be ashamed of themselves and take a long hard look at their priorities, and while we are at it let’s have some floral displays in the town to cheer up the Corby public in general.


Vice-chairman of Corby and East Northants branch of UKIP

Flabbergasted and then angry

I was flabbergasted first and then angry when I read in your paper a report that Northamptonshire County Council has an office in Brussels.

The cost of this office is reported to be £200,000 per year. For what purpose ?

Cllr Harker and his fellow councillors – they cost us in excess of £1m a year for their allowances and expenses for par-time work – must explain to the council taxpayers of Northamptonshire what the benefits are to us for what appears a flagrant waste of money while they continue to cut services and claim a general shortage of funds.

I look forward to reading his explanation in the near future.

I also note in your paper that the crime commissioner and his committee have voted to raise the police precept of the council tax by 1.99 per cent.

He further states that increase will be “ringfenced” to support victims of crime.

May I be advised why council tax money is being used to support victims of crime and the nature of this support.

My understanding of victim support was that it fell under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice.

The current financial year showed a two per cent increase in the police precept, so the 2015-16 will be a further 1.99 per cent and according to your report every year thereafter.

Perhaps we could be advised in some detail as to what he intends to spend this ringfenced” increase on, or perhaps one of his highly paid deputies could give us details.



Miliband is right about tax avoiders

I congratulate Ed Miliband for his courage in standing up to the barrage of hostility following his admirable stance on tax avoidance.

It mirrors his strong position on many of his earlier policies. He took on Rupert Murdoch for hacking and won.

He forced the energy firms into a U-turn and he blocked us going to a potentially disastrous war in Syria.

The business fatcats have met their match. The message is don’t mess with Ed. If the big firms paid a fair rate of tax, the deficit would be paid off and our public services thriving again.

But surprise, surprise, a big number of the big tax avoiders are big donors to the Tory party. Their arrogance is compounded by a Government that appears to be complicit in their grotesque behaviours.

Tax avoidance is morally repugnant and voters will not listen to these parasites. I salute Ed Miliband for his moral fibre.



Statistics don’t tell whole story

The Northants Telegraph reported a rise in complaints against police in 2013/14.

I would first say that this was an unbiased report on the statistics released without any editorial comment, for that I congratulate you.

As a retired Metropolitan Police officer with 28 years service I am always very disappointed on the emphasis on police complaints.

The figures do not mean a thing, much more analysis is required to get at the truth.

Let me give you an example of a few.

A lazy police officer is likely to get far fewer, if any, complaints because he is not putting himself at risk by arresting those who need to be arrested.

A good and very active police officer will of course attract far more complaints because he is dealing with criminals who need to be bought to justice.

Criminals involved in serious crime who are being prosecuted with good evidence against them often have little else to rely on for defence other than to make malicious complaints against the police.

There is a general trend to encourage people to make complaints against the police for any reason that they fancy.

I do not for one minute dismiss the right of the public to make justified complaints against police, in fact it is imperative that any officer who is not reaching the high standards expected of his office be brought to book and if serious enough dismissed from his job.

As in any other organisation there will always be those who do not match up to the high standards that are expected of them. Police officers are not all saints, but are human and subject to the same emotions that we all have.


By email

Closure is a bitter blow to shops

Who on earth authorised the closure of the public car park in Newton Road, Rushden, which is one of the most important car parks available to visitors to the town?

Surely it is just another bitter blow to the already ailing High Street stores?

Will no-one be satisfied until the town is actually completely dead?



What a dreadful waste of money

Someone at the Home Office has let it be known that the police bill for playing the waiting game outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on the “off chance” that Julian Assange might decide to venture outside, has so far reached £10m pounds and counting.

What a waste of taxpayers’ money and police time.

Wasting police time is a criminal offence.

Perhaps the Home Secretary or whoever the high ranking police officer is who has authorised the resources to stand outside the embassy kicking their heels should be arrested and charged for “wasting police time”.

Meanwhile the rest of the criminal fraternity in the suburb of London where Mr Assange is currently banged up can go about their daily business without fear of arrest or prosecution.



I couldn’t believe my eyes on A45

I would like to bring attention to the appalling amount of litter strewn along the A45 verges.

I simply could not believe my eyes, that this has been allowed to continue for so long.

It does not give a very good image of Northamptonshire to anyone passing through the area.

This has been an ongoing problem which the councils seems to have neglected of late.

I would be grateful if you could bring this sorry state of affairs to public notice, so the matter can be taken in hand by the councils which so far have turned a blind eye to this affair. Simply disgraceful!


By email

Good news is important too

The news gets bleaker and bleaker, the fascination with death, gore and disaster seems to be the ONLY news worth reporting.

Goods news is a back burner, Milliband can’t eat a bacon sandwich with decorum, and Nigel Farage drinks beer, that’s news?

We don’t even have the option of shopping around as it’s the same news, same time, different channel all over the world.

Journalists are no longer reporting but now actually manufacturing the news, or at least having a strong influence on how it’s presented, death rules above all. Multiple deaths can be staggered into hourly bulletins, wars into documentaries. Meanwhile nothing happens in my town, no-one does anything in my town, what rubbish! The fact we don’t have drive-by shootings and bomb scares every day (thank goodness) does not mean we don’t have interesting items of news. Personally I have little interest in what happened in Timbuktu or Thyangboche today, I’d rather hear about local people doing local things working at improving their lifestyle.



Try using some common sense

Higham Ferrers council has recently spent £77,000 on a skateboard park in Saffron Road park.

On the weekend about seven children were using it.

This is a cost of about £10,000 per child!

Yet on the same road, parkland and money cannot be found for the provision of some parking bays.

This would benefit the safety of hundreds of children and parents during pick-up time at two schools, not to mention the GP surgery on one of the most congested areas in the town.

Not 50 metres from this skateboard park Saffron Road has a bottleneck that is an accident waiting to happen and off-road parking would reduce this problem.

Whatever happened to common sense?

An angry council tax payer.


By email

NHS money is being wasted

NHS wasting money on adverts on television and newspapers when the information ought to be in chemists and GP surgeries because most people go for products in chemists or information in libraries.

Ambulance services are not running so well and it is the same with many other important services in the health service.

There are financial problems in the health service and local government services are being cut when several millions of pounds are spent on advertising and this is the wrong way of going about it.

MPs and ministers should look into this situation.

The general public are not stupid, it is so easy to put the information in modern surgeries and chemists, let firms who run businesses with high profits do the advertising, not services for the general public that make people pay more tax.



This investment in rail is essential

I was delighted to hear from Network Rail that Corby Train Station is near to getting a second rail line to Kettering following exploratory work.

The new line would be another boost to the initial investment by the Conservative-led Government to electrify the track – work which will be completed by 2017.

This rail investment is essential for our town as we need to have the best possible infrastructure available, so our superb local companies like Weetabix can expand.

Better infrastructure will also make it more attractive for new companies to set up shop locally, like Staples whose new warehouse opens this year at the Rockingham Estate.

If elected in May as the local MP, I will always push for more investment and better rail services so we can enjoy more jobs, better pay packets and a more secure future for hardworking families and people across Corby and East Northamptonshire.


Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Corby and East Northamptonshire

Good and honest people out there

I would like to thank the kind person who handed in my shopping bag which I left hanging on the back of a trolley at Sainsbury’s in Kettering last Wednesday.

I was so pleased to get it back intact as it contained my purse and other items I would not wish to lose.

It is so gratifying to know there are still good and honest people around and it gives me pleasure to know this, as we hear too many bad happenings these days.

A very big thank you.


By email

Thank you for card donations

Thank you for publishing my appeal for Christmas cards.

I’ve had literally hundreds for my charities.

Lovely people come to my door and people posted them also from as far away as Wellingborough, Kettering and Irthlingborough. Thank you all for your kindness.



Join us on a tour of battlefields

Each year the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Battlefield tours organise pilgrimages to the battle areas of the First World Way. The tours are in August and September covering France and Belgium.
This year we plan to visit the Somme Battlefields, The Ypres Salient, Arras, Vimy Ridge and Loos Battlefield areas if requested. 
This year is the centenary of the second Battle of Ypres and the Battle of Loos.
Anyone who requires further information can write to John Battye, 32 Rhodes Street, Hightown, Castleford, West Yorkshire, WF10 5LL or telephone 01977 734614.