Letters: Competing views on benefits of Rushden Lakes

Rushden Lakes: Rushden: newest phase of Rushden Lakes tour of building
Rushden Lakes: Rushden: newest phase of Rushden Lakes tour of building

This week, we received competing letters from D Davis and Peter Brown about the benefits of Rushden Lakes to our local economy.

We certainly would like to see your evidence that Rushden lakes has had “a hugely positive effect on Northants economy”, as our local shopping centres actually show the reverse with many stores closing because custom has been drawn to this out of town complex.

I’m sure for example, Marks and Spencers would not have closed their Northampton and Kettering branches if they hadn’t opened the one in Rushden Lakes and no doubt more will follow.

A new shopping centre doesn’t suddenly “generate” extra money, as there is only so much cash in customers wallets and its either going to spent in the town centres or at Rushden Lakes.

D Davis, Kettering

rushden lakes

I read with interest the articles by Sarah Ward and Stephanie Weaver in the Telegraph suggesting that completion of the current phase of the Lakes development should be celebrated.

To the protesting councils. I would say that Northampton, Kettering and Wellingborough have all taken the opportunity at some point or other to build edge-of-town retail parks, in one case, several, with scant regard to any detrimental effect that doing so may have had on Rushden High Street.

Rushden is now realising its opportunity to build its own edge-of-town retail park, and in doing so is doing no more than the protesting councils have done previously.

However, what we should be celebrating, now, is the completion of the second Lakes feeder road and alleviation of the traffic chaos at the Skew Bridge roundabout which we have had to endure since the opening of the Lakes development.

Instead we continue to suffer the same totally inept planning on the part of the local authorities that caused delayed opening of the first retail unit on phase one due to the very late completion of the main access road.

And where is this second feeder road? Currently nowhere on the horizon.

I am thankful for small mercies however in that none of these planners had any part in the strategic planning of the Second World War.

How fortunate we are...

Peter Brown