Letters: A14 toll plans are an insult to drivers

Should drivers have to pay a toll to use the A14?
Should drivers have to pay a toll to use the A14?

Government plans for the A14 are causing controversy, particularly moves to force drivers to use the tolled stretch and the “consultation” that avoids asking us if we want to be tolled.

Drivers pay motoring taxes of roughly £50bn each year.

The cost of the new road at £1bn to £1.5bn is a fraction of this, but last year a Government minister regretted that “there was no money”.

Funny that the Government can always find money for things it wants, like wind turbines and High Speed 2.

Last year, it helped Italy build motorways on the cheap through paying an extra £1.3bn to the European Investment Bank.The Government should axe its plans for tolls and just provide the investment we’ve paid for several times in advance.

I encourage readers to complain to Stephen Hammond MP, Minister for Roads, Great Minster House, London SW1P 4DR, copying their own MP into the letter.

For more information, visit www.fairdealforthemotorist.org.uk.

Brian Mooney

Alliance of British Drivers

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Blue plaque plan is a great idea

On September 19 the Telegraph carried a letter from Diane Bulley under the headline New floor is a real asset to the town, suggesting a blue plaque should be placed outside Kettering Library in Sheep Street to mark the opening of the library by Andrew Carnegie in 1904.

The Friends of Kettering Library wholly agree that the new floor is a real asset and intend to follow up this suggestion, possibly in conjunction with the Kettering Civic Society.

The re-opening of the library on May 12 was a major event and since then the usage of the library has increased considerably.

Few towns can boast a newly decorated and professionally staffed library and Kettering can be proud of this asset.

If anyone would like to be a Friend or a supporter of the library, they are welcome to contact me on 01536 518941, or the secretary Dorothy McMahon on 01536 520335.

John Wilson

Chairman, Friends of Kettering Library

Common sense plan for drunks

At lastc someone has the good sense to voice what should have been in operation for the past few years.

All drinkers who end up enjoying themselves so much that they need treatment from either police or hospitals should have to pay for this, not a fine, but actual costs of whatever is required.

This idea is one that my late husband and I said should have been considered for a long time.

S Hayward


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Don’t stigmatise those out of work

We now have the Government’s cure for long term joblessness.

But behind closed doors, George Osborne is working on plans to help those struggling with greed.

Say, for instance, those sucking a million out of the economy annually.

Of course they will need to sign on weekly with revenue and customs.

If they do not help themselves they will be offered help with their problems and addictions.

Sanctions may include allowing them to continue to live in their own deluded world.

The media will bully them daily and politicians line up to villify them.

The role of government is to address the causes of unemployment not to stigmatise those the capitalist system makes jobless.

Tony Banks


Black smoke was so unhealthy

My wife and I may not be alone in thinking that life today is so hostile. Many people are unapproachable.

For example my wife and I walk our dogs most days.

One particular day, the street was very smoky. The smell from a chimney on one of the bungalows hurt the eyes of my wife and I.

The sweet sticky smell made my throat sore.

Whatever was burning, it was awful. Goodness knows what the occupier of the bungalow was breathing in.

We dare not knock on the door to point out the problem or to see if the occupant was OK.

Frank and Rose Sharpe


BBC needs to regain reputation

In times of recession, it can be argued that the BBC are being naughty to allow their highly paid presenters to take second jobs with other companies.

It might help the BBC to regain its once great reputation by stopping this practice.

Kim Logan

Scunthorpe (formerly of Kettering)

Striking teachers must think again

I was informed by my son’s school that they were going to be closed on October 1 due to insufficient staff levels because of the strikes.

Recently, parents have been notified that if they take their children out of school that they will be fined – I think the fine is £60 per day.

I simply cannot understand how teacher strikes can legally be allowed to go ahead.

Our children are the ones who suffer, along with hundreds if not thousands of parents who then either need to take a day off work, often unpaid, or will end up with additional childcare costs which is a burden on families, not people these teachers are striking against.

Perhaps the unions and striking teachers should pay for this additional childcare or unpaid days off that is incurred by families.

I am disgusted that teachers are allowed to not educate our children and that we foot the bill for it in more ways than one; our children suffer and will have additional work to catch up on and the financial impact also to families.

It is even more ridiculous that if parents choose to take their child out of school for a day they will be punished and fined for doing so when these teachers can strike with no equal consequence.

I am certain you will easily find a very large number of parents who would agree with all of the above.

This causes a great deal of inconvenience and financial impact to a great number of people.

It is completely unacceptable for teachers to let down families and their children in this way.

Jodie Green

By email

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We are so proud to live in Corby

I went to Kettering as I had to pay some money into the Nationwide Building Society.

On the way back to the car I was asked by a young lad for some change.

This is something I had forgotten existed in this century.

Northampton was full of people begging when I lived there over 13 years ago and it would appear Kettering has the same kind of issues even now.

I had forgotten what it is like to be confronted with people begging as I have never been approached for cash by beggars in Corby in 13 years of living here.

People don’t always see eye to eye on issues, but it is worth trying to think when the last time you saw someone begging in Corby.

This is another reason why I am proud to be associated with Corby Council.

Cllr Bob Riley

Rural West Ward

Corby Council

Government has duty to pay up

The article in the Northants Telegraph on September 26 concerning the housing scheme in Wellingborough North mentions space for road improvements between Isham and Wellingborough, which I assume in part includes the Isham bypass.

I believe that after some 30 years, this is still in the discussion stage, as the secretary of state sanctioned the proposed development.

And I don’t think an additional 3,000 homes are needed, or are we expecting an influx of people from other countries?

The Government needs to provide funds for the infrastructure as well as the upgrading of the A509 between Kettering and Wellingborough otherwise it will lead to gridlock in the area.

Dave Cornhill


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How do other countries do it?

The Government has spent money on high speed trains that do not stop at stations, we give more money to foreign countries than some of the larger countries do, standards in the universities are not as good as they ought to be and there are fewer people paying tax despite a larger population.

Most things are deteriorating when lots of thing used to run more efficiently.

The Government ought to find out why other countries pay less tax and do well.

Jack Rickard

By email