Letter: This Brexit deal keeps us subservient

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Letter writer Mike Kane says Theresa May’s Brexit deal will make the UK subservient to Europe...

How can it be possible that about 650 MPs can connive among themselves to thwart the will of our land’s biggest ever democratic vote. After two-and-a-half years of tiptoeing around the “bully boys”of Europe, Mrs May has come up with a Brexit deal that keeps us firmly subservient to this “unelected circus” totally dominated by Germany and France.

How has it come to this, that our great trendsetting fearless Great Britain, which has never cowered down to anyone for over 1,000 years, will meekly bow down to Merkel and Macron, leaders of countries that are having massive problems of their own, due to EU policies.

As for Westminster, it makes my blood boil to see the once great Labour Party led by comrade Corbyn, using Brexit as a tool to get a general election.

God help us all if our country is ever led by a bunch of communists.

In ending, all I can say is the people voted for independence and total control of our land, how then can so few people at Westminster be allowed to ride roughshod over us, then be permitted to spit in the eye of democracy is a disgrace.

Mike Kane, from Corby